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Full Version: Places you go to feel better
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Just curious where others go. I often go:
* Long walks in nature areas locally, lots of dandelions and blue/purple wildflowers blooming now.
* Coffeeshops for donuts and coffee, maybe a chat with a barista.
* Watch streams for games and chat.


I also go for walks in my neighborhood, or I go to a park. Occasionally I will go to a mall, and that's when I am more lonely and want to have the feeling of being around people.
-The woods or a top of a hill, somewhere I can be alone and just soak in the energy around me.
-Tea house with a friend or by myself with a book.
-This little coffee place where people here go to hang out and meet others, so even if you don't know anyone you still feel welcome.
-To my parents' house to talk to them and to hug our dog. Hugging dogs is the best stress reliever ever.
I just go sit in my room. But I don't feel better.
I lay down in bed.


-first i go to give a kick to my friend .(in skype ) ( i hope he won't see this post.hehe!)
-I always go for a long walk in rocky mountain and forest
(05-10-2017, 10:39 AM)Jafo Wrote: [ -> ]I just go sit in my room. But I don't feel better.
Yeah you are right . after that, I did not felt good.I just sit alone in my room and keep thinking about my life .
I started taking exercise classes.  The cardio circuit has a particularly euphoric effect after about 45 minutes.
i go to youtube and watch failvids Big Grin


I like to go for walks or to sit in nature or in the park, it feels great to be in those places surrounded by the natural beauty of the world.
I am a big believer in daydreaming.  If I didn't have that... man. 

I also like to go for a long drive on roads there aren't a lot of traffic or I might run into nature (deer etc.) But never leave the car.
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