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Full Version: What's the age range for this site?
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Hi. Wow, it's the wee hours of the morning, haven't slept, and here I am a newbie at this site. It's called Lonely Life so I'm assuming it's for people like me that are loners. Right now, being sleep-deprived and all, my mind feels to numb to say why I'm a loner. At this moment, I don't think I know. But for sure, I'm not a bad person. My life is at a low point, and I'm kind like the commercial "I've fallen, and I can't get up." I guess I'm not trying hard enough to pick myself up, and in the meantime, I've withdrawn. Now and then I feel sad, but for the most part I feel numb, which is not good either. I don't really have too many friends. I feel like somewhat of a hermit. I thought maybe if I could connect with other people who are going through my similar situation, that could be good for me to talk. By the way, what is the age range for this site? If its mostly for young people, sorry, I don't wish to intrude your space. I'm a 37 yr old female, single parent of a 17 yr old. seeking to talk to others of about my same age (35 +). So if you relate and wanna communite, let me know so we can talk here or be epals, or chat on yahoo (madredemoon@yahoo.com)
Hi Moon,

This site is for all ages, from what I've gathered the ages around here are anywhere fro 13 to late 40's.

Welcome here, sorry I haven't got an account on yahoo otherwise I'd talk to you.

Pop into chat sometime, there's alot of us in there, it's the first link we usually go to, I don't know about the other.

I'm female and 32 btw.
Welcome moon9

You are not intruding at all. You are most welcome here. Smile
Hi moon
I'm 32 F and in a similar situation
No kids though
There are plenty of people here who are happy to chat
I've only been here a week i've been made to feel very welcome
Hi there, me is 33 and a guy and no kids Smile welcome here moon9
Come one, come all! (Except the douchebags... they're not invited)
I'm basically a fetus, however, hello to a fellow insomniac.
Im 16 nice to meet you ^_^

You wont have to worry about age here Smile
Ive been mistaken to be in my 40's many times

Once again welcome! Big Grin
Hey Moon, and welcome.

Lets see, I'm 39, a single parent, and I use yahoo. So expect an add request, lol.
16 M... it seems there is a WIIIIDDDEEE range of ages here!
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