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Full Version: Who's on Facebook?
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I wouldn't mind catching some of you online for a live chat.  Discord is all good and well - but whenever I go on there nobody seems to be on it.  I thought that perhaps some of you use facebook more often.
When are you going into chat? There's usually always at least one person in the chat room that is willing to talk. Sometimes you do have to talk first though.
There's usually not much talk in the middle of the night EST time.


I'm just as bad at replying on facebook as I am anywhere else.
TRC, I do seem to fail to take into account the timezone differences.
I'm on discord. Everywhere I go I can't find anyone over 20 tho.
Damn, Thread title made me think it was a new version of Who's on First.
Who's on facebook, what's on Twitter, I don't know's on Instagram...

I have an account but I go 2 or 3 times a year to check on something...because, if you don't have an account you cannot use it.
I'm more Twitter...
I’m on facebook.
I'm on there pretty regularly.
I don't log on to Facebook very frequently, but if you decide to PM me I'm pretty quick to respond.
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