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Full Version: Recovering Addicts
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I have found that I tend to talk a lot about my recovery, and thought perhaps there may be others out there who may want someone to speak about similar topics. Whether you are in recovery or considering it...

I understand a lot of people don't like to discuss their addictions publicly, so I would like to offer private support if anyone is in need. I, myself, have been in recovery for alcoholism for 10 months now. I am working the 12 steps.

Please feel free to PM me if you need someone to bounce thoughts off of.
I just want to congradulate you and offer you a good luck in your process. I've never had an addiction, but I know how hard and strong you need to be to overcome it. Keep up the good work, sending vibes your way!
Awesome on the 10 months


Thank you Smile
Amy, 10 months is great!!! Smile


Thank you, Danielle. It's funny. I remember someone telling me that about making it 4 months, and thinking they were crazy. But now that I've been through many emotional marathons, I understand the "progress not perfection" aspect of it.


Hell yeah! I’m taking out the balloons for sure! 

Yup. I’m cheering you on.
Good luck Amy! Enjoy the benefits of life without alcohol   Big Grin


Thank you so much Smile
Congrats, Amy. I hope you continue to work on yourself and get better.

I am not an alcoholic, but I do know the program and have worked it myself. It's hard, so I hope you are proud of yourself. If you aren't, you definitely should be.
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