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Full Version: looking for some new friends :)
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I'm simply looking for some interesting people to talk too or people who's looking for a friend. I'm on Skype regularly and wouldn't mind chatting with a few people from here if anyone is interested. We can discuss different topics and share hobbies with each other. I'm a pretty open person when it comes to discussions and I will accept anyone. So if you're looking for a friend or somebody to chat with, send me a pm. 

I only do text chatting, I'm not comfortable with voice or video. Just wanted to be clear of that. Smile
Ah snap, would have liked to. I have some of your interests too, but I'm only into voice chat on skype unfortunately. I find text too impersonal but that's just me.
SoftMelodies, I'm with you on the not being comfortable with voice and video chat - personally, with me it's a fear of being negatively judged by my physical appearance. I too would be much more comfortable with text chatting.
I just am not comfortable with going on voice, I find myself getting nervous anytime I do. And get anxiety from it too. The only people I have ever voice chatted with is people who I've known pretty much my whole life because I know who they are. I'm careful when it comes to voicing with others who I meet online. That's my own preference though. If nobody is okay with chatting on Skype, I can always chat over pm's or something. I would never force anyone into a position that they're not comfortable with. Just pm me if you'd like to chat or anything, my box is always open! Smile
How about instant messenger chat?
i would love to chat and get to know you Smile