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Full Version: Just buddies
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Hi all.

Is there anyone that would be intrested in chatting either here or via skype or someother form of comunication. I think we all need somebody that say hi how was your day. So feel free to pm me and we might just become verry good pen pals.
Hi, Zhara.

What sort of stuff are you into? Favorite tv shows/movies. Have any hobbies or creative pastimes?
Well i like a few shows at the moment. Legacies , supernatural, coroner, survivor. I enjoy anything that keeps me glued to the screen. Recently watched aquaman was realy a good movie allthough i prever series to movies.
I'm into the Marvel movies right now - Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy are my favourites. I'm also into 'The Walking Dead', 'The 100' - I've been into Buffy the Vampire Slayer since high school.
I watched the 100 also. I like things that are not normal things that you would not find in your normal every day life. Allthough i realy like the every now and again csi or drama .
I watched CSI when my sister watched it - but since she moved out, it's not been on in our house. I watch Bones now and again.
Bones is ok. How about music. I enjoy music aslong as its not just screaming. My homelanguage is afrikaans but i prefer music in english.
Hey! I have a discord channel if you want to chat with me here https://discord.gg/kx8SkM Smile