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Full Version: Looking for PM buddies / friends.
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Hi all.

I know quite a few threads on here are location based, but I'm happy to speak with anyone from any country really.
Myself I'm 29 from England. My hobbies seem to include sleeping (has got to be someone else here with that hobby), movies, video games... the usual stuff really. The only things I'm not really into are sports. Well there are probably other things, but nothing I can think of to mention.

I'm not much of an outdoors'y person, quite an introvert. So much so that I don't think I've really been out anywhere so far this year! Big Grin

Hmm... I'm really struggling to sell myself on this aren't I? Seems to be going as well as a job interview when you go in and just say "Geev job please, I want monie!".

Would be nice just to have some more people to speak with on a 1-1 every now and again I suppose. Even if it's just sending stupid funny pictures or something.

Feel free to leave a reply or send a PM! Thanks!
I'm always open to talking to new people.

Do you have any creative outlets like writing fiction?
Hey thanks for the reply! Hmmm, I've done a bit of writing and such before, that and I do some digital art / edits.
I don't use it much for uploading but here is my dA gallery, some of my short stories should be in there -
Cool. Now that's art.
Hey! I’m always up for pm (or whatever platform) buddies. I’m in England too.
Hi, I'd like to make new friends too. BTW, the Wall-E one is great, expression in those eyes. Makes me feel for him.
Thanks again for the replies! And thank you! I think I did the Wall-E one via a reference, I gave up on doing digital art a while back. But still dabble in it every now and again.

But thanks for the messages too, I was a bit worried this thread would get ignored! xD
I'm a 'now and again' kind of person when it comes to my story writing. When I tell people that I write for fun, they probably imagine folders piled high and word files clogging up my computer's hard drive. Reality is, i probably only manage to complete maybe two or three stories a year - any other ideas I come up with tend to just fizzle out.

But it's good to just do something different other than watching tv and playing video games. Plus any creative activity is good for the mind.
I need to get back to writing little story bits myself, have left it for far too long now. I did end up making little 1/72 dioramas as one of my outlets. But the table I use for painting and modelling in my room is a bit packed at the moment, so that's my excuse for not doing more. xD
Nice. At the moment I'm struggling to find the balance between pressuring myself to write and procrastinating. It's a real problem.
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