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Full Version: Just want to talk to somebody.
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Like the title says.   Recently I feel pretty alone, IRL and online.    IRL because I do not have any social circles, and so I spend my days alone at home with family.    Online because I do not have a "big" presence online, and I absolutely despise social networks and the likes of them.   I detest group chats, because I find them chaotic and I hate that.   I do have a few friends online but I feel detached from them for some reason.  so yeah, I really do feel alone and not talking with somebody makes me depressed. 

I have a broad range of interests, and I view myself as a pretty open minded person.  Maybe my only prominent negative trait is being very blunt, but I can restraint myself from not going overboard, so don't worry Big Grin .

You can PM me anytime.   I really welcome everyone.  Thanks!
I know you said you hate group chats, but you could always consider the chat room here. It's pretty slow right now, but there's usually always at least one person in there willing to chat. All you really have to do is say something in there. Anyway, my point is that it's not really chaotic in there and if it does ever return to the chaotic mess it used to be, you could always just stop coming in. Think about it.
Hey GeralofRivia, great name btw. Sent you a pm. I enjoy getting messages and being able to chat with people about my day and hear about theirs.

I know how it is myself. The only person I really talk to on a regular basis is my mother - and she often gets wrapped up on her own political world (i'm not a political person myself). I tried the social thing not so long ago, but it's difficult to find people who can actually appreciate what it's like to be in our position - the types of people who have lots of friends in their lives can never understand what true loneliness is, and quickly write off anyone who is thought of as being 'socially inadequate'.

But there are people here who can offer support and understand the position you are in. So I hope that you stick around.
I can 100% relate to what your saying. I miss not having someone to talk to. About my day, or when I've got some news or just about something I've seen or heard. I never had any luck with making friends online as I'm not great at messages. I reply but people get bored with me really quick. I don't do social media as although it's great at keeping in touch with people I think its killed actually rl communication. What's wrong with picking up the phone once in a while.