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Full Version: Friends anyone??
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Hi all, I am a 31 year old guy looking for people to chat with. We could do email, WhatsApp, Skype , Facebook, text. I am from New York. I enjoy music, drawing, literature, film, spirituality, weight lifting , photography, and pretty open to talk about anything.
I'm a 30 year old creative guy. You seem eclectic. I've only been to New York twice, and both times I was in Brooklyn. Music, writing, art, philosophy, classical literature, all of these sorts of things interest me. Fitness as well, though I'm kinda tall and lanky with a lower back nerve injury. Years ago when I was younger I hopped on keto for a while for bulking, which worked and was awesome for me while I was working out but I'd never been as big as I was and I had trouble correlating my physicality: I would often accidentally break things like the clutz that I am just by accident from not being used to being as strong as I once was, but the science of it and the lifestyle is something I definitely understand. It kind of turns into its own focus, much like anything else that I get out of being creative.
Hey, I'm 41 from the UK. I enjoy music (can't beat live music), photography, films, spirituality and I used to be super into fitness but after a few years break from going to the gym I tried to start going again and nearly passed out while warming up on the treadmill and haven't been back since! But I'm happy to talk about anything really. Not sure if you're looking for someone your own age to talk to but feel free to PM me
I'd like to try and connect with someone from the UK as well. I gave up on Meetup cos the people on there are stuck up 'socialites' with unfairly high standards of what they consider as a 'friend'.

I'm 30 and live in Milton Keynes. I like to write fiction and listen to audio horror stories - and enjoy anything cult or sci fi.

I would love to get to know you, perhaps we could chat on pm/buddy list on here or progress on to facebook. I dont mind Smile