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Full Version: The Best Relationship - with God All Things are Possible
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The Best Relationship Between a Man and a Woman - with God All Things are Possible

There are many failed marriages and relationships.
A primary reason for this is the man and woman are different types or kinds.

I read in this forum about some giving up on having a relationship. 
Today, this is no surprise to me, because for some it's so easy to be around the wrong types or kinds. 
You may be a relatively rare type or kind. Also, others do what they can to keep your type or kind from finding each other. They are the ones responsible for the greatest harm done here on earth. 

The Holy Bible gives instructions for marriages, written in the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. 
And, holy council is possible for believers to receive truthful council beyond human ability to obtain. 

I have known ungodly people who were married to each other their whole lives.
And I have known of marriages where one spouse was a believer and the other served the devil, Satan.
But the best marriages are between believers, Christians, according to the holy word of God.

It is written in the Holy Bible of the Lord Jesus saying, "with God all things are possible".
So seek being in line with the will of God for the best relationship, a godly marriage. Going with the flow of the world 
is going against the word and will of God, where there are no godly instructions for the best relationship between a man and a woman.

Bradley Dean Sanderson
Is there anyone here interested in a godly marriage, the best relationship between a man and a woman?

Bradley Dean Sanderson
Yes I am a believer that marriage will work if GOD is in the center of the relationship