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Full Version: anyone from EGYPT
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HI guys  

i need new friends from egypt ..
sorry. will friends from Uluru Australia do?
(06-16-2019, 10:54 AM)humourless Wrote: [ -> ]sorry. will friends from Uluru Australia do?

I like your sense of humour , humourless .
Have a nice day !
anyone from Uluru Australia?
(06-16-2019, 07:16 PM)humourless Wrote: [ -> ]anyone from Uluru Australia?

I'm in Australia but I'm not in Uluru sorry, I'm in NSW above Sydney and I want to leave this country so yeah. I hope you find someone however.
Many people from different part of the world are here. I'm very sure you will see people from Egypt
I have been to Egypt twice on holiday, where do you live there?
Maybe you are the only one from Egypt, Nabila... I don't know.

I believe I'm the only one from Rio here... I wish I were in Egypt. It's closer to Italy. (Maybe not easier to reach though...)