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Hi, i am a guy who's in his 20's and feeling a bit lonely so i thought i'd give this forum a try to find new people to share my issues with. I have bad anxiety/depression, but the depression is bigger than the anxiety at this moment in time and it's hard to find people who know how i feel. I've met people on other websites, but they just vanished and i am the sort of person who feels a lot better when i say how i feel. I'll start therapy soon and maybe medication, but i am in love with someone which has turbo charged my depression because i can't say a word about it. I've known her for 1 year via the internet, then 3 weeks ago we met in reality for the first time in my city and it was one of the greatest days of my life really. But what happened on the day confused me, because while we walked she grabbed my arm and held it which surprised me but i just let it happen and continue. Then in the bus station her head was on my shoulder and she allowed me to put my arm around her on the bus, but due to cultural differences i've got no idea what any of it means really. She's also met my parents, because i had a birthday card/ graduation one and gifts in my house which she had to take home with her. But maybe this weekend we'll meet in my city and for some reason, i think the same things will not happen again as she either knows i like her (due to friends saying it) or some other reason. I tend to overthink a lot while anxious/depressed, but i really don't know if we are friends or what. Because we talk a lot, but she's very indecisive regarding coming to my city and apparently her town is dull so i shouldn't go there. It's always "maybe" or "i don't know", but it's strange as i said because this will be the second time we will have hung out since she's been in my country. I'd really like to hold her hand, but i'm not sure if i should rush it or not and i'll have my answer if she doesn't hold my arm etc like last time. I have finished my rambling and it's great to be here.
you are not alone, we all trying to survive. may your therapy bring good result. don't be discourage.
just say how you feel with appropriate.

My grandmother had a quote, "expect nothing and you won't be disappointed."

It's natural to over think things and have hopes and desires. And any relationship, beginning or near the end, is filled with lots of uncertainty from time to time.

Don't be afraid to say how you truly feel; but, also take things slow and see where they go, if you can. Enjoy the moment, and try not to let the future disrupt the moment too much. Smile

You will do all right. That's amazing enough you got to meet some one you met online. That's a rare thing. Good luck Smile.
Welcome! 🦋
Thanks for the kind words and i feel better already Big Grin. It's great to be here
(11-19-2019, 06:01 AM)Tryingtosurvive Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the kind words and i feel better already Big Grin. It's great to be here

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(11-18-2019, 11:40 AM)Tryingtosurvive Wrote: [ -> ]... because i can't say a word about it.

Tell her you love her so much it makes you ill...

Why can't you tell her? Where's she from? (If you don't bother saying.)

Hi. I'm Gus. Welcome to the forum.
(If I vanish, dm me... I usually log in, but not always follow threads.)
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