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Full Version: Afraid & Lonely, Overnight!
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Is anybody on?  I don't want to be alone.  I'm always alone.  This night is deathly silent and it's like the silence is pressing on me and crushing me from every angle.  I just wish I could "magic" up a nice, new friend...a friend who could just rest their hand on my forearm and just.......be there with me, and for me.  

Friends, these days, don't know how to be friends, and family don't know how to behave like family.  The world has disowned me and I, for some reason, am still alive...but, for what?  Why should I hang around, like this?...torturing myself with aliveness?  What is the point in all of this?  Is there some secret of life that makes it worth keeping?  

One helpline finishes at 10.30 pm.  Another ended around, I think, 5pm.  When they all close, who is there to turn to?  Why remain around when the telephone numbers run out because time ran out?  Who would be there for me to turn to, now?  When all the sources run out, why am I still here, allowing myself to be tortured by loneliness, like this?
Just wanted to say that I hope you are feeling better. Sounds like you are in a rough place right now.
How are you feeling today?
Ahhhh my virtual friend. When the world closes in on us and there isn'tva single reason to go on living.
When you feel you have no one and can't take it any more.
When loneliness is not a word but a world.
I think first you should know that guess what? You are not the only one.
And I think (having been there too many times) just take it one minute at a time..then one hour at a time. Till the worst passes.
But hang in there please🌷
Ian Haines, being your age and single with a life time of no caring family or love, I can relate to your loneliness and feelings of despair.  I have no simple solution to acquiring the relationships we all need in life, but for many of us, it takes persistent, assertive action to get out, meet people, and work at it.  Sometimes this produces results and many times it does not - for various reasons I expect.  In any case, I'll leave it to others to offer the usual suggestions on where to go and what to do, though you've probably already tried most of the local organizations and social outlets.  As a Christian, I want to address the many other rhetorical questions you posed.  Perhaps you won't like my answer, but I feel compelled to share it anyway since it seems clear and important to me.

Despite the majority's misguided beliefs, science confirms that life was designed and made by a supernatural being of some sort, with a universe created to specifically support this life on earth.  It's only reasonable to conclude that such an amazing event and major effort would only be done for a significant reason.  So, you're not here by accident or to just waste time; your life is valuable and you have a purpose for it.

The Judeo-Christian Bible is the world's most published, read, and influential book in human history.  There are many reasons I could detail why it's the basis of the only true religion, but let me just say that it answers the most important questions of life you've posed.  It's no secret at all.  We're here for the purpose of relationships: to know and love our Creator, and to love others.  I think too many people, especially those struggling with social isolation and loneliness, focus on the second point, but ignore the first.  They never learn that the first is more important AND helps achieve the second.

If you've been struggling a long time to find and build fulfilling relationships and still don't have a clear purpose and meaning for your life, I'd suggest you DO look towards the Christian Bible.  If you focus more on knowing and loving your Creator, Lord, and Savior, you'll gain the knowledge and strength to understand your meaning and purpose here - and to better manage the relational challenges and deficiencies of life that we all face.

Here's a half hour video I recommend for you.  It's an interesting, entertaining sermon addressing the meaningless of life that many people feel.   

Hope ur alright Ian . I know being lonely can be difficult to handle. I hope u can hang in there. Things may get a lot better. I hope they will for you.