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Full Version: Wanting to end an unhealthy relationship but can’t afford to
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I’ve always been bad at making friends and obviously as bad at keeping them. It took me forever to make one, who I thought is going to be my best friend as we share lots of things in common.
Our relationship was really cool; we laughed a LOT but most importantly it made me feel normal again, being lonely for god knows how long made me believe that I’m a freak, an outsider that no one is going to like. Lately, however, it’s been going down the drainSad; he’s constantly criticizing, lying….being very rude and mean to me, which makes me really sad but mostly angry but I can’t afford to end this; I don’t want to be lonely again, I don’t want to be seen as the weird boring guy who always sit alone in the back. so as always I just chuck it up and act nice, and feel horrible once I’m home.

Please help me; I really don’t know what to do
I think you should talk this over with your friend. That you feel he's criticizing you too much, that you feel he's being rude. That his behaviour makes you feel awful and you'd like to go back to the way things were, something like that.

Maybe there's an explanation for why he has this chip on his shoulder.
It could be that something's bothering him and he's venting it on you.

If nothing gets better and he keeps treating you wrongly you have to decide what would make you feel the best.
(Or least worse, in this case).
Well, I'm there's really nothing to do there, except,
first of all you need to have a talk, not a prolonged indirect one either.
Be polite and to the point and ask him whats making him act this way.
Tell him exactly how you feel and why you are feeling this way.
If he still loves you, he should be willing to change.
About the loneliness, hmm sometimes its better to be lonely if the relationship isn't working out for your good and stability.
It seems hard at first but dealing with loneliness makes you stronger over time, although I understand how hard it is at first.
Stay strong and have faith in yourself always, that helps, as cliche as it sounds.
Some people do it because it is a habit for them to criticize and to be sarcastic with words.Talk to him about it or else the situation will just go on.Dun be afraid to be lonely because there are relationships that need to leave at a period of time.
i'd say that you should try and make new friends...

you did say you took forever to make one - is it because of being shy and not initializing, or simply because you don't get a response when you try?

and well.. it seems like he's being a bad friend more than it's you that's bad at keeping friends.



I agree with the others; tell him how you feel and if he cares, he will stop. If he doesn't stop then he is not a friend (you can't even call it that) worth having. Being torn between having someone to talk to and the prospect of being lonely is difficult but you really should do what is best for you in the long run. If there is no real reason for him acting this way then in the long run you would be better without him because he will most likely get worse. Remember to always take care of yourself first because you will not always be able please others Smile
You really do need to bring up how you feel. I know that might be hard for you, but you need to voice yourself. If he doesn't appreciate you telling him how he's making you feel then he isn't a friend worth keeping around.

Be strong :-)


I kinda had a friend like this at my last school (only friend I've had in the past 3 or 4 years in real life), and he was always in some sort of competition against me, as though he thought of me as his rival. Oh well.