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Full Version: confused a/b guy??
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Okay, this guy I work with....I KNOW he at least USED to like me, I mean he was always going out of his way to chat me up and stuff. I think he's about as bad as I am as far as the lonely thing goes, all he does is go to work, and on days off he sleeps in and gets his kids.
Anyway, he FINALLY asked me out (he's a little shy too) and we did which was FUN. He kept saying he wanted to do it again and everything which psyched me out of course, 'cause I really like him too.

but that was a MONTH ago....he's still real sweet and all to me, but I'm just confused......could he be just one of them guys that just doesn't know what to do with the girl once he's got her or something LOL?


Why don't you ask him out? You got a question and the best way to get the answer is to ask the person you have the question about..

Maybe he just doesn't want to seem like he is clingy or begging for your attention?
Maybe he has been busy?
Maybe he hasn't built up the courage yet?
Maybe he is just waiting for the perfect time?
Maybe he doesn't think you are interested in him?
Maybe he just isn't feeling you in that way?
I tried that once, but he was going to be busy that day.....i'm too scared to ask again b/c I don't want to be the one that seems clingy!

And I told him via email that I liked him, so he KNOWS that I'm interested, he just acted a little more shy for a while and then went back to being "normal". I guess he just needs a "push" more than other people do LOL


I don't know.
Personally, I would just ask if that person is interested in me.
I don't think my heart/mind/brain/etc. can handle all the uncertainty that well.

But then again, I am socially inept so take my advice at your own risk ha.
LOL I can't handle it either! It's driving me NUTS!!!

I'm too scared to just come out and ASK him...I'd be weirded out if someone did that to me, haha. thanx though Smile
It's easier said than done, but you gotta ask him whether he is interested in you. While you're thinking of him, you're not thinking of yourself. And you deserve to think about the certainties in your life, not just the possibilities.

If, one day, you find out he is with someone else, you might be annoyed at yourself for thinking about how he was feeling when he clearly wasn't thinking of you. On the other hand, he may just be shy and not know how to take things further, and you can let him know that you sometimes feel awkward around people too.
Try setting it up in an open ended manner.
yeah...after a while you turn into a virgin again.
Or you get use to living a certain way.

You might date him a couple of more times and he'll probably still won't get the hint.
I know i didn't. A girl chased me for a years and i still didn't get it.
Errr...she took me out to dinner and came home with me even...smuggled up next to me even.
She left and had to knock on my damn door again so i could get a freaken clue.
I got used to being in the freindzone....lmao
Just reach over and kiss him. That's what she had to do.
I garantee ya...if you lip lock a guy you dated...he's not going to reject ya...
it's not in his nature to...
Sometimes...we talk and think to damn much...lol
Thanks for the input guys....I'll just play it out right now, maybe i'll get some courage and just ask the guy. I'm so terrified of rejection, I always assume the worst-case scenario in these types of situations.

Yeah, I'm told that I think too much LOL.

okay, so how do I go about asking? Never done it before, if you can't tell already, haha. You don't just go up to someone and say, "So do you like me or what?" do you?? Gah, I'm so bad at this.....
I think I would suggest something like what Unacceptance suggested, something open ended. It's good to have a general game plan, but trying to plan all the details is over-thinking it. Kind of just set it up, and see where it goes.

Cause that's what's interesting in life. Letting things happen and being a part of them.
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