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Full Version: Would what I do be considered stupid?
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I met this guy from some social site and we've flirted and so.

He's coming this week to meet me. We both know that what we want is only something temporary. I only know him for about a week or so. No matter how, I feel like I am stupid but another part of me desperately wants someone to relive me from this loneliness; even if it is only temporary. Am I being stupid?
Just be in the moment and have fun.
It's not like you're going to marry him.
Be cuatious as you would if you met him in church or going on a first date with anyone.
Who knows, you might like him or you might not...visa versa.

You can get marry on the next road trip...Toungue
just joking.

Stupid is not perticipating in life and waiting for life to happen.
While you're thinking, wondering and worrying. Life is happening.

I had mind numbing sex with my ex-wf only a week after i met her.
She was happy i was happy..Be were both just being ourselves.
There was alot more to the relationship then sex...
We loved each other every..very much. I was happy, she was happy when we were dating.
She was glowing , luaghing and had a zest for life...so did I.
I did things for her...as she would do things for me.
Lonely and miserable we were not.
We should had kept it that way instead of getting married..
The Damn marriage...the expectations we both put on each other of what a married couple should act like...*sigh*
It drove us apart...actaully. Now..that's being stupid.

Those happy memories of the love and good times I had with her...that's how I remember her.
It can carry me through a life time....How can i regret that ?
I rather lose at love than to had never loved at all.
Yeah... I guess you are right.

Anyhow, you just assured me to meet him. Big Grin

I dont think you're stupid. its great that you are meeting someone. but just be careful.
I hope you have a fun time but please be careful too. Don't let your feelings of loneliness cloud your better judgement.


I know this is going to sound boring, but take someone with you.
Please just be careful - mentally and physically - take someone with you, who you can give a signal to leave if you feel ok.
Its not and you shouldn't feel that way.

I do agree with Alive and wolfshadow. If you feel a little uneasy about meeting him then definitely bring someone.

I hope you two hit it off well and have a good time in eachother's company.
Just meet in a public place and make sure someone else knows what's going on so they can keep an eye on ya at a distance.

People should be careful about meeting anyone they've never met before, internet or not.

At any rate. My dad met his now-wife and a girlfriend before her online, and together they used a social networking site (Meetup.com) to put together a local political campaign support group.

Myself, I had coffee with a gal who contacted me through craigslist. I made a new friend. (wasn't looking for a date, to be honest, I just wanted someone to go do stuff with and work out of my anxiety with women by being around one).

So yeah. Go for it. The internet is a powerful social networking tool if people realize that it's not an evil land comprised 100% of pedophiles and serial killers. Sure, those types exist, but they're out there anyway. That's why you make sure someone's watching out for ya early on.
I say go for it. I met my exon the internet, and they flew over here to Australia all the way from America to meet me ( we ended up being together for two years). As long as you meet up in a public place and you're careful, everything should be fine Smile
Good luck!
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