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I was talking to my guy last night, and he said, "Women instinctively cheat", "Women cheat more, men just get caught more"

I called him retarded. But, all of a sudden, he trusts his best friend enough for me to add him to AIM, which I guess, that trust wasn't there before. It took me a while, but I asked him why didn't he trust me. He said he "mostly" trusts me. I then asked what about me did he not trust. His reply: "Your vagina" That's when the quotes above ensued.

Discuss. I'm curious if others think this too.

None of the numbers that i have seen, however worthless they may be, support the idea that females cheat more. The reasons are usually different but there is nothing to indicate that females cheat more.
mmmm...interesting. I couldn't tell you what numbers are.
It's not as if people send a postcard to inform someone everytime they
take a bite of the forbidden apple...Wink

I know my finacee cheated on me.

I know my ex-wf cheated on me.

I know I hop into bed with 2 women that were best friends.

I know my all of my ex-gf (3) cheated on me.

I know the girl that took my virginity used to come over to my place
after she got married.
I know I also went out with her sister just to make it even more

I know a another married woman got into bed with me..told me straight up. That's all she wanted from me.

I know just recently I've been talking to a married woman for the
past couple of months...She told me her husband was leaving the
other night.

I know another married woman..winks at me and flick her hair
everytime she see me.

I know everyone of these women enjoy sex as much as I do
and sometimes even more so.

A woman a couple of weeks ago...shared with me her
journal, workbook or dairy. It was pure honety from her
heart. She wanted to fix me Toungue
It was healing actaully. She wrote about everything.
Sex wasn't the all of it...but there was enough.
She cheated on her husband too.
I saw a lot of things within myself and within my ex-gf.

It was about the cake
The forbidden apple
Control issues
Escaping the pain

Mind numbing fucking sex.....
Crow, all the women you knew were married, why did you go on with sleeping with them anyway? Doesn't their marriage tell you to back off at all?
I think people just notice what affects them most. To me, the question of whether women can be trusted and how you can tell those that can has cursed my life, because I don't need to be able to trust men to be faithful.

But a lot of the men I know consider it to be perfectly acceptable to be unfaithful if they know they won't get caught, but would consider it the greatest personal injury if their wives/girlfriends cheated. I don't know how that attitude is justified in their minds, but it is common.

I've certainly known a fair few women who have cheated, and more who have slept with people they know to be spoken for, but I think it is still more common in men.


I once heard that men are hard-wired to cheat - they just have to keep themselves in check. Sounds like horse shit, I know, and I'm not saying men cheat more than women. In fact, I'm not giving my opinion at all - just saying something that I'd heard. I believe this example was explained by saying that, thousands of years ago, men had built-in urges to procreate to perpetuate their line. Of course, that was thousands of years ago, and we are no longer a society of hunters/gatherers. So, before any men read this and say, "Oh yeah, we're just wired that way" let me just say please don't even try it. :p
Both sexes will cheat. It's a matter of motive and/or opportunity. Some can resist, others can't.
When all is said and done, some people are just scum who either aren't strong enough to respect the commitments they have made, or just have no respect for other people's feelings and are unable to look beyond the next 3 minutes of their lives.

Whether men or women, I don't believe it is worth breaking it down into gender, it takes two to tango and I'm willing to bet the majority of people who the person cheats with knows that the other is cheating on a partner.

Loyalty is a very undervalued quality until it is too late.


Don't trust anyone! All humans are filthy, dirty, cheating, lying scum! Humans must be eradicated from the face of the planet! They are an ugly scar on this planet that must be removed!
Cheating is the result of the instinct to fuck.
VanillaCreme Wrote:Crow, all the women you knew were married, why did you go on with sleeping with them anyway? Doesn't their marriage tell you to back off at all?

Dang Vanilla...

My finacee fucked my best freind while I was sitting in class.
She told me she was drunk....will fuck me with a screwdriver.lol

I watched guys hitted up on ex-wf almost every other fucken
day. The curse of having a supermodel as your wife.
I was bound to make mistakes or get in an argument with her.
I remember asking her about our marriage vows.
Her words were " it went out the window " It's embeded in my mind.
Evidently the dickheads hitting up on my wife didn't give a rats
ass either.

After i sobered up...got into recovery.
My GF of 5 years cheated on me once in the earily part of the relationship.
We worked through that. So I thought.

My last GF of 12 year..will fuck ..it's like instant fucken replay.
Not in recovery...Not especailly ..when you sober up..you clean
your self up..you clean your life and it's a fucken GOD thing.
What possible lesson or good can come out of it?
becuase I'm a strong person ?....fuck me with a heart attack !!
She said she was drunk.....I've been drunk I know what's up.
She fucked a freind of mine. My sponsee to be exact.
The closest people to me...the trust, the friendship...all of that.
Loyalty...if I talk to certain people..they said that i'm fucken
codependent. I'm sort of screwed in the head with this loyalty
and codependency shit.
I've been struggling very hard to come to terms...with this.
No releave..no healing..nothing gets resolved.
She won't talk to me..she won't face any of the problems.
She pretends that I'm dead.
She holding hands and singing cumba fucken ya with GOD.
Other AA members are hitting up on her...all the while saying
I have my head up my ass...

Why especifically married women ? At least I'm not doing
it in AA...Fucken progress not perfection...

What fucken moral standard or values must i live my life by ?
Other motherfuckers dosn't.
Labling them scums...dosn't remove the pains or resolves the issuses.

I know how to fuck up too.
I know how to not give a fuck either.

God dosn't give a fuck. She dosn't give a fuck. My freinds don't give a fuck.
Give me a fucken break..like somehow it's suppose to make be a stronger person.
Yes...I know the fucken pains and heartache of infidelity. Been on the receiving end of that shit...
Think of it like...fucken karma...I'm working out some karma...

I'm your next fucken karma...Play with me. Toungue

The universe will send you the lessons when you ask for it...Hot damn here I Am.
You ask for this..you wanted this to happen. You want me...you know you do..lol

A broken heart is an open heart....God is going to touch your heart with love and happiness.
I'm Michael the fucken angle. An instrument of god. The defender faith.
I ma break down that fucken wall and show you what real love is...lmao

Nobody back the fuck off when it was my marriage or my relationship.

I swear to you...If there's a god...
Please fucken help me. Remove these fucken pains from me...i can't fucken bare them anymore.
mmm...The less i care...the less pains i feel.

kippie yI A...if someone calls me name or look down on me or whatever the fuck ...it's fucken piontless ATM.

I think all women have sexual instinks..
Dose all married women or even single women look at me or notice me ?.....Hell no.
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