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Full Version: Sigh.....
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Sigh... I just need a girlfriend....
Sounds good.
awww ((((HUGS))))) Big Grin
You can have mine!!!Big Grin
Not just any GF..dude.
Ya have to be more especific, know what you want, and go for it.

Get a phyco bitch, they're the best.
Don't settle for less.....
Even if she's a bad one?


SighX99 Wrote:Sigh... I just need a girlfriend....

Chill man. You have a life to live. Relationships aren't everything. We are all born single in the first place aren't we? Stop caring and beating yourself up and eventually you'll find someone.

Now if I remember reading correctly, you've already been in a relationship so what's there to worry about? I for one has never been on a single date, let alone in a relationship, and yet STILL..- I've stopped beating myself up because of it.


Be careful what you wish for. ( I know, it is a cliche saying but it has some merit.) You might just end up with someone you really can't stand. Being single isn't that bad. Smile


you'll find one. be patient, make friends. Dont worry too much about it. Things will play out Smile
You'll find one, eventually. Smile Just don't expect all your problems to be solved by a relationship. I've made that mistake and the relationship ended in tradegy because my expectations couldn't be met.

Just take it slow and it will happen when you least expect it Smile For now, enjoy being single!
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