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Full Version: What Would You Do If?
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What Would You Do If?

Rules: Someone asks a "What would you do if?" question. The next person replies, and says their own question.

Person 1 - What would you do if cheese fell from the sky?
Person 2 - Take as much as I can and eat it!; WWYDI The Risen Realm was closed down?
Person 3 - Do suicide!; WWYDI the world was going to blow up?

Question: What would you do if little elves baked cookies in your oven?
Question: What would you do if little elves baked cookies in your oven?

Person # 1: Of course I would have to buy a bigger oven and begin a cookie business.....watch out Keebler!
Oh and maybe put little ball and chains on the elves........would not want the little buggers to run away.

WWYDI....Your whole world turned animated?
ledchick Wrote:WWYDI....Your whole world turned animated?

go on living life....

what would you do if...
a fire ant crawled in your naughty parts?
There would be quite a lot of panic on my part. Mainly because where there's one fire ant there are usually a few hundred thousand more fire ants!

What would you do if your doctor put you on a pickled pigs feet diet?
Buy a lot of hot sauce, lemmon, ketchups and breathe mints.

On a tuesday...throw everything into blender and make a powerful energy or sexaul inducing drink.Toungue
Mess with the taste by adding flavoring, add food colouring.
File for a patent.
Name it HawgWild and mass market it. Hire a super models to pose with slogons
such as " I like my man on HawgWild ", " Go HawgWild on me", " Go HawgWild all night..it's what the doctor ordered"
Patent the name "HawgWild" and reserve all copy rigths.
Promote the product though sponsoring heavy metal band or send shit load of t-shits
and sticker to bands...so they can wear it on stage and look cool...rip it and toss it into the crowd.
Once the name gets marketed and accpeted by youth . Give out free t-shirts at beaches
or social gathering events, conuty fairs, swap meets, truck drivers...etc
It'll spread like wild fire becuase it's Hawgwild...espeacilly in the south..lol

Market it more by getting young men and women to buy and wear T-shirts and stickers.
Exspand on the marketing even more into other areas such as X-game, X moto cross, nascar...etc
Produce more products such as sunglasses, shoes, jewleries, many other cloting line with the HawgWild logo.

Write a letter to Glend Beck and send crap load of free t-shirts...He'll read the success story of me following an
american dream and making shit happen out of nothing and wear a Hawgwild T-shirt on CNN....free marketing Toungue

When i see a baby wearing a HawgWild t-shit or someone actaully tattooing my logo on thier body...I know i will have
arrived and suceeded...lol

Hire 12 super models name SHERRI....wearing HawgWild clothing...
Have me possing in the center with my two middle fingers up...giving a fucken bird sign...Toungue
On the bottom it'll say...."There's plenty of SHERRI to go around for me. I'm your HawgWild man..bitch!"

Then send the doctor a thank you note for giving me the cure Toungue
Send Spare a couple of Millions just for kicks and gigles...lmao
Buy a new NFL team just for kicks...name them the HAWGS..Smile

When I died...All of my money and assets will go to save the children foundations and drugs/alcohol abuse centers.
My ashed will be injected into a speicial limited edition release of the HawgWild Drink brand.Toungue
On the bottom of each can there will be a logo of ALL and Lonesome Crow on it...to identify the special release.
On top of my High Rise Office Building..there will be a lighting rod with a heart shape at the very tip of the rod.
Incribe on the heart it'll say..."Inspite of everything I love you Sherri"
On the reverse side it'll say...."for the love of god"

WWYDI....2 hookers invited themselves to dinner at your place?
Lonesome Crow Wrote:WWYDI....2 hookers invited themselves to dinner at your place?

LOL! Compare notes. Great lovers aren't born..they're made Toungue

What would you do if an alien came to visit you and asked you to come with him to visit his planet?
Naleena Wrote:What would you do if an alien came to visit you and asked you to come with him to visit his planet?

Errrr..I say, must I ??? I'm not ready to go home yet.......FFS

Then offfer him 2 hookers to take my place instead, so they
can compair notes with hookers on the alien planet.
And tell him to bring my hoes back within 24 hours.
If he breaks the merchandise..he has to pay...Toungue
At HawgWild..we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Expess.
Hard cash is always welcome.
SERVICE with a SMILE, SATISFACTIONS GARANTEED...That's our corporate mission statement.

WWYDI....a wild eagle landed on your hand?
I would marvel at its majesty before it flew off with my hand.

Thanks for the kickback, Lonesome! Maybe you could throw in a couple of your supermodels for good measure?

What would you do if you found a duffel bag full of ink-stained cash?


I'd sift through for non-ink-stained bills, that is, if the ink wasn't wet and no one was looking. hey... just being honest.

What would you do if Bob Barker chased you with a golf cart and a flock of angry goats?
I would laugh myself stupid!

What would you do if you were CAUGHT by Bob Barker in a golf cart with a flock of angry goats?