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Cool little game for you people.

In this game you must make a real life stat about the person who posted last in this topic.

So for example:

Steel posts that i am the only ALL member with 500+ posts.
The punisher posts that steel has the record for most black ball pots in ALL XAT chat pool games.
Then i post that punisher is so far the only ALL member to be mistaken for a muslim.

1 - must be a true fact/stat
2 - stat must be by current date, for example of what i mean: i don't expect to be ALL's only yorkshire member with 500+ posts forever, in a few months time there could be 10 people with that record. (God forbid..) But at the time of me stating the fact this was a true fact.
3 - Van rules Big Grin

So begin Big Grin
Van Hooligan - The only Yorkshire man to mistaken me for a Muslim.
Punisher - The first person to make a stat in this topic.
Van - is rated numbah one on the ALL league on fantasy football. ^.^
Estreen loves Togepi Big Grin


Sanal is my happiness

Ocean is my everything
Sanal - 1 of 3 people who are serious contender for knowing the most ALL members.
Van - My clone
Sanal is my everything
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