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Full Version: Chronic Tonsillitis
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anyone ever had it? GOD! its literally like being in hell. The pain is excruciating and constant. Nothing I try seems to do anything to relieve the pain. I would gladly choose death right now if there was an easy, instant way to do it.
Here's a list of things that are now incredibly painful and difficult for me-

Eating- If I put myself through immense strain, I can just about manage a mouthful of mashed potato
Drinking- I'm not even swallowing my own saliva! I just store it up in my mouth for ages then spit it into the toilet
Sleeping- If I get loaded up on paracetamol, I can maybe get an hours sleep before I wake up sweating from nightmares about torture
Talking- It hurts like hell to talk and when I do, I sound totally mental like I have a mouthful of drawing pins
Thinking straight- Everythings freaking me out and I dont know why! I feel like i'm in a nightmarish fantasy world where every atom is out to cause me severe pain.

Any tips on how to get through this would be massively appreciated.
I've got no tips. Only lashings of sympathy. It sounds aweful!Sad
Ok, you need to take in fluids, otherwise you will end up dehydrated and feeling even crappier. Try sipping warm sweet tea - yes, it will hurt, but liquids will also soothe it given time.
Well, for a 'home remedy', I had success with this for chronic strep throat.

Set some water to boil. Then, in your favorite mug, mix the juice of one lemon, a significant dusting of cayenne pepper (as much as you can stand), and some honey if you have some. I also liked adding a dash of white wine vinegar, but, I'm kind of sick in the head. Pour in the boiling water. Let it steep a bit to where it's not scalding, stirring frequently. The honey is recommended, but I never used it.

Gargle this, then swallow. I liked to sip it like a tea. It burns at first...in fact it's excruciating sometimes. But it kills the bacteria and all those ingredients are pretty good for you besides. And I actually thought it tasted pretty good, too.

Eventually I had to go to the doctor for antibiotics...it lasted about two weeks before I couldn't take it anymore and things were about to get serious. You might have to do the same.
thanks for the tips and sympathy guys! The pain got so bad that I began to have panic attacks and heart palpitations so my dad rushed me to the emergency doctor, bless him. I've got some antibiotics now, which are starting to work, I think Smile It still hurts like hell to swallow and talk but the constant aching has pretty much evaporated.
I had some warm sweet tea and managed to finish it although it was stone cold by the time I got to the bottom lol so thanks for that, steel.
I also discovered the marvel that is crushed ice, its fantastic!! I can actually consume a whole glass of it quite comfortably so I've got plenty of fluids running through me Smile
Brian, I'll be honest, that home remedy scares the hell outta me lol although I think I might try it just for the funky adventure Wink
It's actually kind of tasty. Toungue No kidding on that. It made an interesting drink, besides its intended use.

That's good that you got some antibiotics. Those things need to be used sparingly, because crap does build a resistance and eventual immunity to them...but in a situation where nothing else is working, they're appropriate.