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Full Version: I'm Surprised a Place Like This Exists
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Maybe I'm just cynical, but really... an internet forum who's members actually try to comfort each other? Who try and convince each other NOT to commit suicide?

This forum stands directly in the face of everything I've ever learned about the internet and humanity. I'm glad you guys are here. I just pray that a certain infamous anonymous imageboard never catches wind of this place. Those jerks would have a field day.

Anyway, I'm a new member.
I suppose I'm pretty lonely. I'm not exactly sure what I plan to get out of posting here, but some of that comfort would be nice. I wouldn't mind making some friends either.

A bit about myself:
I'm a web designer/developer. I like working in Flash, and I'm learning AS3. Logic, structure and hierarchy please me.

I've discovered myself to be extremely introverted. I broke up with my girlfriend about two weeks ago. She was not so introverted, and after two years of her giving up parties and raves to keep me company at home, our relationship finally collapsed. Our only friends were her friends. What few friends I did have, she hated, which caused me to alienate them in an attempt to appease her. Now that she's gone, I don't have any friends.

I'm taking a post-graduate course at my college. The people in my program are very interesting, but most of them are at least 6-10 years older than me. I'd like to meet some people my own age (21), but I don't agree with most of the things young people are into. The few things I am into, I'm very picky about. Anime, for example. All the anime club at my school ever talks about is Bleach and One Peice. I can't stand either one, and I find it hard to fit in with even niche crowds like them. It's the same sort of deal with videogames and electronic music. ESPECIALLY electronic music.

Maybe I'm just too closed-minded to have friends, but I hold on to the hope that somewhere, there's people out there whom I can talk to about things I'm actually interested in. Until I find them, I suppose I'm doomed to be lonely.


Hi there, and welcome to the forum. Smile
Hi Veeediot Smile
Welcome to the forum. Smile
Hey, and welcome.
Hey, welcome! I was also surprised that a place like this existed, with people that were so eerily similar to me. Have you noticed this??

Yea, I know the anonymous message board (or encyclopedia?) of which you speak. It's perhaps among the most horrible places on the web. There is one particularly long and gruesome page that I stumbled up that depressed me so that, for a time, I had dedicated my life to Transhumanism.

Never been a part of any anime clubs, but I suspect I'd run into the same thing. Bleach and One Piece are extremely stupid to me, but I can see how fans can grow attached to characters that fill a void. I like anime like Cowboy Bebop or Berserk.. But, I make a distinction for Naruto (manga), another mega-popular series, mainly for the processes the that author went through in terms of ninjutsu-politics and the Sasuke-Naruto rivalry.

I have dabbled in flash myself. I made the banner for my quasi-blog all in flash!


I cant help but think VEE that i have come across this post once before on this forum. In fact, i'm quite certain I have.

Nevertheless, welcome to ALL. Please post, for we love it when you do. And stick your head into our chatroom when you get the chance ok?


Hey! Nice to have you here.
I'm also into anime (not bleach or one piece) my favourite being Cowboy Bebop like wretchedofthepond^^^ infact thats the only series I like, other than Samurai Champloo. I tend to go for the feature films thanks to their higher production value like akira and ghost in the shell, but EVERYONE loves them!

I'm also a lover of electronica, infact I make my own- http://www.myspace.com/oldbeanandkitty

I'm an art student and use flash a lot for my video peices too.

If you ever wanna talk send me a pm or something, you seem like a good fella! Wink
you bet your ass we exist!

i think thats the title of my next album = )
i lol'd

and remember, you cant please anyone before pleasing yourself first!
good luck with school! and welcome!