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Full Version: always single
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hi im new here, im 17 never had a Gf, not too far from 20....im hoping to get one already like everyone else,,good luk


hey kooleam welcome to the forum

I'm 18 and single as well


keep your head up you're still young keep trying

and best of luck

Hi kolleamm Smile
Welcome kolleamm Smile
Hey kolleamm and welcome. Don't worry there are many people in the same situation as you and I'm one of them. Except i got 5 years on you at 22. Your still at an age where its fine to be single and have time to adjust.
hi kooleam, love yourself and others will love you if that doesn't work maybe the women you know just aren't good enough? to find someone who "works" is very difficult so just hold on and im sure you will find (or be found) by someone you want
I've never had a girlfriend and I don't want one. Of course, I'm also a heterosexual female...

Hey, and welcome.