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Full Version: Finally Making Something Happen
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Hello all, im new to the forum i must say that from what i have read thus far this is an amazing communtiy. I guess im here to honestly express my success and my positive experience of the past year. At the beginning of last year i found myself broke.. carless... and jobless.. i was living in my parents basement i didnt even have enough money to pay my cell phone bill my phone had been shut off and i felt as if my world was ending.. more and more negative thoughts were coming into my mind and scaring me more and more every day. one day searching the internet and reading on forums much like this one i came across a guy who had been in a situation not too unlike that of my own. He had been down and out his wife divorced him and due to a loop hole he lost his kids and coudnt afford the attorney to protest it... he was jobless hopless loveless and basically lifeless. He had come across an online website stating that they could creat money for him by working at home from his computer, of coarse he though "total scam" but when your at rock bottom you just dont care.. he tried the website out and within a few months he realized what he was doing was actually generating him a decent income.. with the money he earned he started his own business and paid an attorney to get partial custody of his children.. I took his advice being at rock bottom myself and found that in fact it did work.. in a matter of months i managed to become debt free and within the year i was driving an 06 nissan 350z (my favorite haha) i have a gorgeous girlfriend who i share my brand new house with and everything in life is going right for me... i guess what im saying is if a guy like me can come from absolutely nothing to a nice car and new house and gorgeouse girlfriend then trust me folks anyone can do it... its never to late to do something about life, trust me i know.