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Full Version: On the bridge i was truly happy.
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Once i was in a foreign country at summer. i was wandering in a huge market field. I was feeling sick and i had annoying headache. So i decided to take a taxi and go back to my hotel to sleep the bad feeling away. I walked outside the field and took a taxi. I sat on the back and told the driver where to go and he hummed something and we drove off. I didnt first realize that he was taking me to wrong direction. Minutes later i asked that did he understand where i asked him to drive..well he didnt understand a single word of english nor talked any.. The driver handed me a cellphone and told me to answer. There was some man trying to sell me "something" and i waved my hands to ask him to pull over. And he did.. i paid him little bit. and wandered off. Suddently i was feeling pretty good. I didnt have any idea where i was but i wasnt feeling sick anymore and i didnt have anything to do so it didnt bother me at all. 5 minutes later it started rain heavily. (rainy season) then it start thundering. It was like God wanted to destroy the whole city with lightnings.. There was a small bus-stop with roof on it, with ten or more locals squeesed there to avoid getting soaked. i tried to fit myself there too. Every time lightning hitted the ground, everyone at the bus-stop kneeled a little, becouse the lightnings hitted somewhere near and the sound was so unbeliviable. i didnt know was it the ground or me that was trembling..well..only part of me which was dry was my left hand. i stepped outside and started walking somewhere. Didnt take long that i was completely soaked, but i couldnt care less. i was feeling great. There was a long bridge over a highway ahead. i decided to go to other side. When i stepped on the first step i saw that some girl on the other side was entering the bridge too. We climbed the steps at the same speed so we were on the top of the bridge at same time. I was wearing brown shorts and a tight grey t-shirt. She was wearing grey skirt and tight brown t-shirt.
Even tought we didnt yet see faces clearly, i know that she was looking me into my eyes as i was looking at hers. we started walking towards each other. She was completely soaked too. my heart was beating really fast.. i couldnt stop smiling. i saw that she was smiling too. She was now only 7-10 meters away. She was beautiful. totally soaked, water dripped from her nose and chin and hair,,aww.. we just watched each other as we walked. and smiled. Last 3 meters, the lightnings played a song for us, it was awesome. The bridge, roaring thunder, and completely soaked beautiful stranger smiling at me. we watched each other to eyes and smiled. our heads turned a bit when we passed each other. when we reached to ends of the bridge, we both turned around and stare each others for a while. then she waved at me and i waved back. I take the first step back to street, she walked down too. we still keep watching into our eyes. We went to separate ways. On the bridge i was truly happy. Later i have many times wondered should i have opened my mouth that time. Said even simple "hi" or "you are everything i want" I dont know. maybe its better this way. To think of it, i dont ever in my life have second chance, or can have a same situation..it makes me sad.. and somehow really happy. i have one of a kind memory, with her.

Thank you for reading.