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    Questions for the Men

    You wanna do nothing together, virtually?
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    What are you reading.

    The Hidden Messages of Water (for the umph time)
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    What are your favorite tv shows? What shows are you currently watching?

    Monk (which I'm rewatching now ), House, The Mentalist, Star Trek DS9, TNG, The Orville
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    Fauci finally said something honest. It was really painful for him to do it too!

    You have a lot of hatred brainwashed into you. People are getting rich manipulating your emotions. Dr Faucci does not deserve the disrespect and hatred being thrust upon him by the people getting rich peddling anti-reality bullshit. You are taking the word of people who are not qualified to...
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    Thought I was the only one....

    No matter what a person has going on in their life we are never alone in what we are dealing with. It just takes time finding a way to connect with each other. This is such a place. Thank you for being here.
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    make it stop

    I get a monthly shot in my left eyeball to relieve swelling around my retina.
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    mission aborted

    Yesterday, while in the doctor's waiting room, I began to experience a panic attack, hyperventilating, trembling, confusion. Almost sobbing. So I left the office, without notifying staff, before my name was called, and contacted my psychiatrist. Exhausted trom not having slept, and being in...
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    make it stop

    I rarely get headaches, but tonight my brain is splitting. And I have an appointment in 5 hours for my monthly eyeball injection. No sleep Intense family drama unfolding. My support network crumbling. Lost.
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    Guys, unless you are really hot

    Stop comparing yourself
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    I'm so tired...

    I want this to be over so badly. I wish i had the strength and courage needed.
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    Who am I?

    Do you talk to yourself? If so, what do you talk to yourself about? Conversation? Introspection? Questions and self doubts? I am very thoroughly confusing myself.
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    you guys suck. i hate this place.

    You'll get over it
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    Have you heard of the movie?

    Yes Humanoids From the Deep?