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    If you can't have anyone love you until you love yourself....

    Then why are there so many people with depression, drug addictions, severe mental health problems etc. in relationships? Are these relationships null and void? I guess they all must be. There is no other explanation, because most of these people don't appear to love themselves. Maybe they do and...
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    Anybody ever surf the dark web?

    No. I wouldn't have a clue how to access it and I'm not completely sure I'd want to either.
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    Two teachers that inspired me

    I never found any of my school teachers to be particularly inspirational. Some were decent and others were terrible, but inspirational isn't a word that springs to mind when I think of my school experience.
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    the last thing you ate

    Tuna rice salad.
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    Songs A-Z

    And I Love Her - The Beatles.
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    Songs A-Z

    Zoom - Fat Larry's Band.
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    Keep one, Junk one

    Vegetarian Dinner
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    Eye contact

    A mean eyed Koala!
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    Eye contact

    I definitely agree with the notion that the eyes are the mirrors/windows into the soul. You can often tell a lot about someone's personality by looking at their eyes. If the eyes look kind, more often than not, the person follows suit. The same rule applies for mean looking eyes.
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    Who had the most significant impact on the person you have become?

    My parents taught me decency and compassion, which are traits I value highly.
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    Hi! New here!

    Hello. Welcome to the community.
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    Eye contact

    It's something I struggle with. I'm never sure what the appropriate amount of eye contact actually is. Like most other things in life, I overthink it.
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    What are you dreams/goals in life?

    Just to be able to put my demons to bed, would be fantastic.
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    A Kiss having a DISadvantage

    Unfortunately I wouldn't know.
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    How good are you at mathematics ?

    Not very. It was one of the things I struggled with most at school. I've always had a flair for the more creative subjects, such as English, art/design and music. Arguably not as useful as maths, but much more enjoyable.