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    How come internet exists and its so difficult to find people with depression to talk ? (Just rant)

    Im just gonna rant, hope dont piss some people, Ill hate to reciece some bitter comments of what Im gonna wrote next. What I mean, is... this forum, is pretty inactive. Ive been checking the networking area and still have the same messages as dont remember how long. I put messages there, I...
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    Anyone here into football-soccer ?

    G Jesus for Arsenal now. Even if I like JAlvarez going to MCity, I feel that City gonna be weaker this comming season than in the past season. Jesus out, Sterling out. Those are good players ! With experience. Now bringing new guys and I dont see the team gonna be solid from the start. Hope to...
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    Anyone here into football-soccer ?

    Anyone else ?
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    Does loneliness also makes anyone feels insane ?

    At least what I was refering to (Im not sure what other things been discussed on this topic because Ive blocked a lot of people here I miss part of the discussions) is that Ive seen many people suggesting things like "just start talking with people on the bus stop, you will meet someone", some...
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    Does anyone have body pains due not going out much ?

    Every part of my body hurts. Time ago I started with really bad sleeping issues. I was jobless, not doing anything, and was when my loneliness was total, having completely anyone to go out , all was unbearable. I couldnt sleep at night, waking up at whatever time of the afternoon. I lost body...
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    Looking for people to chat

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    Things that makes me go 😒😒😒

    Por tu forma de hablar me di cuenta que no eras una persona con quien quisiera hablar, vos tampoco me dijiste nada que me interese. Y sabés como termino validando que no sos una persona con la que quiera hablar ? Con este mensaje que me escribiste acá. Te hacés el enojado o algo así, era obvio...
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    friends or no friends?

    I dont have any friends right now, not by choice, but... kinda. I had some friends years ago I started lefting some because they didnt appeal to me, they were nice with me, but I just couldnt bear be with them. I lefted them by choice, but not because I didnt want friends, just not them. Its a...
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    Things that makes me go 😒😒😒

    I join to forums, and I always do the same, I make topics saying my problem with loneliness, and asking if any deals with the same and wants to chat, etc, I always say "send me a message if any wants to chat". In other forumz 3 persons replied to my topic "I have the same problem, I know how it...
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    any forum sites you know?

    I know many forums, but any good. The one Im using the most is this: . But its "funny", the least I talk there is about serious problems, I ended up using it for chit chat, replyint topics in the Chill Out Room, or the Debating Chamber, that well, at...
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    Lonelyness because feeling bored around others, anyone else?

    I see some people who get appart from people because get hurted, or because they feel judged, etc. But I started getting appart from friends because I was just bored with them. Even if I knew it wasnt going to have fun around them, I still went out with them, because at least was better go out...
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    Sometimes I feel I would like to join to a cult (or something like that)

    I kinda envy some things that happens in cults. That sense of companionship, unity, love for each member, no judgements. That I think "gosh, I wish to find a cult, and pretend I believe all whatever crazy s##t they believe, to at least be in a community where we are all one family. Maybe ends...
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    Do you use other sites to meet people ?

    Well, text chat first. A site where you know the people is there is up to chat. Send a message "hi, how are you", and then chat.
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    Do you use other sites to meet people ?

    Im always thinking what other sites to meet people online are out there. Ive joined to many (a lot) of mental health forums, just to meet people, but in all this forums most people dont want to chat, or are just a few who I dont get along. Im always thinking "hmm, should be a site, more...
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    food or drink you dislike ?

    Also dont like it, its like... how ??? I dont understand people who eat that.