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  1. MoonRiver

    What's your favorite ... ?

    strawberry what's your favourite pizza topping?
  2. MoonRiver

    Have you ever...

    No HYE been in a drive-in-cinema
  3. MoonRiver

    Do you like...

    yes do you like DIY
  4. MoonRiver

    What are you thinking right now?

    What I'll be doing when I finish work :giggle:
  5. MoonRiver

    THIS or THAT

    Unpacking! espresso or latte
  6. MoonRiver

    THIS or THAT

    very smart paper book or audiobook
  7. MoonRiver

    word association game

  8. MoonRiver

    Are you a saver or a spender

    In everyday life I'm rather a saver but on occasions like holiday, parties, restaurants (I like tasting new food) I'm a spender.
  9. MoonRiver

    would you or wouldn't you

    yes, as long as it wouldn't be a porn movie :LOL: would you want to move to another country
  10. MoonRiver


    "If you tame me, then we shall need each other"
  11. MoonRiver

    THIS or THAT

    sleep with full belly Holiday in Paris or in Rome
  12. MoonRiver

    Ask and answer

    with a tall blond who possesses some survival skills 😅 what would you do if you were invisible
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    word association game

  14. MoonRiver

    word association game

  15. MoonRiver

    would you or wouldn't you

    Sashimi & Sushi, I would and I have. I like sushi. I would also try shark fin soup (though don't know if I'd ate it all) On what instrument would you like to play