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  1. pim

    Trapped in the Bog

    I feel so trapped. I know that I have to put some serious efforts in to bring much-needed change to my life, but so far, I haven't been able to muster up enough motivation to accomplish even the smallest thing. I also know that change is a gradual thing and even if I did start working on it now...
  2. pim

    What are you thinking right now?

    I wish I could find a place to truly belong. Be it a friend to confide in or a group of some sort - whatever I can find, really. Then again, I am far too timid to initiate anything :(
  3. pim

    How Lonely can be Good

    An interesting thread, to say the least haha Although I can't relate to your sentiments about Buddhism, as I am completely non-religious, I think there's a good point to be made here. As many other users have said - loneliness can be an effect of being alone, but you don't have to be alone to...
  4. pim

    What video game are you currently playing ?

    Oh boy, what a great thread! Some great titles are being thrown out here, especially Dragon Age and Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. Personally, I've recently gotten into the Yakuza Franchise! I just finished Yakuza 0 (such an amazing game!) and am currently playing Yakuza Kiwami. I'm...
  5. pim

    A Cautionary Tale

    Brilliantly written! I really enjoyed reading your story, so thank you for sharing. I'm afraid I can't give any advice (you seem to have a good mindset, in any case), but for whatever it's worth, I wish you all the best! I know you're not looking for validation, so I'll keep this short haha I...
  6. pim

    A Poisonous Concoction of Shyness and Social Anxiety

    Ah, how I love ominous thread titles!  I've been lurking these forums for awhile, so starting this type of thread is a first for me. New year, new me, huh? Like many other users on this site, I have social anxiety. On top of that, I’ve always had an extremely timid disposition, which has...
  7. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    That sounds really tough and I'm sorry you've had to struggle, but I'm glad to hear that it got easier for you! It's really inspiring to know that it's possible to get better, since I feel so lost at the moment. I don't want to bombard you with questions, but how did you find the courage to put...
  8. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    Oh boy do I know how refreshing it is to have a good cry at the end of a stressful day! I will admit though, I might indulge in my negative thoughts a bit too much, so I will try postponing it like you suggest. I play a variety of games, since it's a great way to distract myself from reality...
  9. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    Exactly, I know that avoidance is the one of the worst methods of coping with my issues and yet I still continue to do it. That's what anxiety does to you, I guess. I'm sorry to hear that you go through the same bs, but I am also relieved that I'm not the only one who has to deal with it. Yes, I...
  10. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    To put it simply, I have been regressing ever since I dropped out of public school and started taking online classes instead. Though my anxiety was generally worse on a daily basis when I attended public school, it forced me to go outside every day and face my problems head-on. So now that I...
  11. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    First off, thanks a bunch for your kind reply! I have generalized anxiety as well so I wholeheartedly agree with you - it sucks. As for your question, I'm not exactly sure. Initially, I would say my whole life, since I have always struggled immensely with social interactions. I can't recall ever...
  12. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome, it really helps! My profile pic comes from Kizumonogatari :)
  13. pim

    hey, just a terrified newbie here :,)

    Though I made this account for the sole reason of being able to talk openly about my issues with others, I can't quite find the courage to do so. I am new to these forums, but I am also completely new to the idea of opening up to people. I am terrified to even post this, but I don't want to...