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    I hate driving

    4No1, your frustrations are justified and shared by others. I don't believe you hate driving, since cruising along a scenic road with the windows down or 4-wheeling a mountain trail in the backcountry is just too cool or fun to hate. But, hating the pressures, rude people, and wasted time in...
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    Hi, it's me

    Welcome Rob. You'll find folks here eager to listen to new people's issues and offer support. I'm here mostly to share a Christian perspective on many of the personal and social problems we all face in this screwed up world.
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    am I old?

    You're not far ahead of me, but I suspect that my aging body feels the same. It's tough being half the man physically that I once was, but I understand that it's all part of the character building process. Some respond favorably and improve with age; others don't. We can't stop the body's...
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    No Sense of Purpose in Life

    The consenses here is disheartening, seeing that so many feel no true, innate purpose to life other than to seek temporary happiness or to just endure. That is a formula for depression, self worth identity problems, and hopelessness. It is however, consistent with an evolutionary world view...
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    Feeling really guilty for hurting someone

    Solonely20, I too have lost a couple of good friends over the decades, and it bothered me immensely as the incidents were irreconcilable at the time. After a quick, fatal blow, I accepted the loss of these relationships and moved on. As life went on though, I realized that it's not easy to...
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    Emotional PTSD

    Yes, the solution is to seek help, support, and guidance. Don't suppress or ignore the issue (as many do, and with which tragic movies like Tommy Lee Jones' "Heaven And Earth" are made). I'd suggest though that whom you seek help from is just as important as deciding to seek it. There's a lot...
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    No Sense of Purpose in Life

    FrancisG, I'm a retiree too who can relate in some ways to your situation. My disfunctional family has never been close, so I've lacked normal relationships and gatherings with them since leaving for school 45 years ago. Not having my own wife or kids only exasperated the social deficiencies...
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    How to help someone with depression

    Rivermaze, I can relate just a bit with your dismay as I've watched my own sister's 20 years of severe depression degenerate into dementia. She's tried every medical treatment possible but wouldn't consider taking any advice or help from me or making any lifestyle changes that might have gotten...
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    I am considering contacting the ethics line when I return to work in December

    Waldo, I understand your frustration, since I completed a Federal government career where minorities, women, and gays were given obvious preferential hiring and promotion opportunities. My last agency also favored Mormons for some reason. In any case, I received my share of being screwed over...
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    Social anxiety solutions

    First, I think its helpful to recognize one's value in the eyes of God. That's a stronger foundation for personal strength and outgoing confidence than depending on looks, money, or position in life - which isn't secure or everlasting. Second, I think it's helpful to understand one's purpose...
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    Another Bad Experience

    Bluemoody, don't be surprised that someone jumped on your italicized statement generalizing your character view of Atheists. I won't defend your statement or get drawn into JJW's theological challenge, but will give my Christian perspective on your situation. While I agree that a devout...
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    Hello, new to the site

    Welcome Tedd. I skip the sports but share your outdoor interests.
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    Self-discovery: what I have (not?) learnt

    Wayfarer, I don't wish to argue religion with anyone on this site, but since you were good enough to respond to my comment, I'll reciprocate just once for the benefit of all here. I agree with you that a person can not generally force belief in something, be it God, aliens, or bigfoot. Belief...
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    It used to be that people would go to church on Sundays. Besides worshipping God and fellowshipping with others, they would learn their value and purpose in life, grow in character, gain knowledge and strength to manage worldly problems, and find a healthful joy for the present and future...
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    Self-discovery: what I have (not?) learnt

    I agree that it's important to force yourself to get up and go out, to engage with the world and people in any little way possible each day. But when you're home alone and pondering nothingness, why don't you try praying to the God who created you, knows you, and loves you more than anyone...