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Hello everyone,

I suppose I should tell a little about myself, to let folks get to know me. So, here goes.

I'm a real compassionate guy, who genuinely cares for people. I'm always a polite gentleman, until I'm around certain sorts of men who I am naturally violent toward, such as men who are abusive to others, which makes me extremely aggressive toward them. I'm the kind of guy who will protect someone from harm, even if it means putting myself at risk.

I hate to hurt anyone's feelings, even by accident, unless it is for someone's own good. So, I am real careful with what I say.

I'm searching for a girl who is broken like I am, who will absolutely love the way I love, adore and cherish her with all my heart. I want a broken girl, so that I can make a tremendous difference in her life, proving that I will do everything in my power to make her as happy as I possibly can. Saying it isn't enough; I am a real man with real love waiting for my soulmate and I will prove my love for her every minute of every day.

I've spent much time preparing myself to be enabled to make my girl happy. Having suffered extreme depression for most all my life, I've had to learn much about psychology in order to deal with it. In doing so, I have always considered how I can apply my knowledge to help my friends, which has been real successful. Above all, I want to find the right girl who I can bring true joy and happiness into her heart, just by sharing what I feel in mine for her.

I'm a concert pianist and keyboardist for five seriously awesome bands, so it is also a great opportunity to take my wife to many cool places to enjoy our time together. And of course, she'll expect me to sing her a sweet, romantic song to set the perfect mood to wrap herself real close into my arms where she belongs; where she will find the comfort of my love, her place to shed her tears when she needs to, sad tears and happy ones, and where she will feel perfectly secure in my desperate need to share my love with her, as I always adore her with all my heart.

I've spent much time running cause-related marketing campaigns, to help raise funding for worthy philanthropic missions because I can't stand to see someone in need with no solution in sight.

I need a true sweetheart who shares the same qualities that I do, who will simply walk with me to my destination in life, as I build a true fortress around her heart, where she will know with all her heart that I will always love, adore and cherish her with all mine...

-Steve Hulsey
Nov 24, 1969 (Age: 54)
Tuscaloosa, Akabama



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