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    Loner from the north

    Hello and welcome
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    The Cookie Cutter

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    How old do people think you are?

    I'm 40 but I look like I'm in my 20s or younger
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    37 y/o woman

    Hello and welcome
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    Hello and welcome
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    what was the last movie you saw?

    The road less traveled
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    It sounds like you should talk to a professional about this,they can help you with this.
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    Sunflower girl's stuff

    Chapter 7 The kids at the school of powers were all very unique,in their own ways,they could all do things,that everyone else just couldn't do,and had special powers that no one else had.Step and Adam were told to go to room 8 for the introductions,there they met some really great people.
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    Sunflower girl's stuff

    Chapter 6 Adam and Steph could not believe how fast the time went by,before they knew it,they were at the school of powers,they couldn't imagine how big it was inside.Steph and Adam ran into a good friend of there's Mark,Mark and Adam had met in high school.
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    Sunflower girl's stuff

    Chapter 5 Monday came quick,which was the next day,the big day for Adam and Steph,they were driving to the school of powers,it was a 3 hour drive,they were jamming to some 90s hip-hop classics,the whole way there.
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    Sunflower girl's stuff

    Chapter 4 As soon as Officer Tim was finished, he told Adam and Steph to get a security alarm and to lock all the doors every time they leave and enter their house,they said they would.Steph was watching Adam sleep that night,thinking about how lucky she was to have met him,and to be loved by...
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    Sunflower girl's stuff

    Chapter 3 The first thing that Adam and Steph had noticed when they got back home was that someone had broken into their house, Steph told Adam to call the police immediately.The police got to their house in 10 minutes, Tim was the officer,Tim was asking Adam and Steph if they knew of anyone...