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I was born. I have lived.... I am still here.
I'm retired now. I worked at a lot of places. See my website for more of that. I am interested in the paranormal, UFOs, aliens, etc. I love space, the Moon, thunder storms, hard rock, and travel. When I listen to music it has to be some of these guys: Blue October, Seether, Five Finger Death Punch, Tool... Also like swing and big bands from the 40s. I have a degree in History, studied WW2 mostly. I'm married. My kids are grown. Daughter married and my son, of whom I am very proud, is in the Marine Corps.
There's not room to list all I've done here. Lots of jobs over the years in different fields. Last job was Uber, full time in Houston. Loved it and would still be there if it weren't for a long hospital stay (3 1/2 Months!) due to someone doing something wrong or bad to me when I first went there. Long story. This was in 2020. Last winter I had a bit of a relapse but now I'm excellent except for having tremors from a stroke I had in the hospital.
I lived with depression and worse much of the time after the hospital stay. Many times I just wanted to die, being unable to get around and stuck in this house. Now my outlook is better. Much better.
I am happy to talk with anyone who needs someone to listen. There were times when I just ached for someone to talk to. Give me a shout!
Aug 29, 1957 (Age: 66)
Lufkin, TX


TRUTH, the new terrorism.
"All things are impermanent. All things pass away." Buddha



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