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gardening - Elaeagnus - 05-05-2007

Hi guys- how many of you enjoy gardening? I'm going to plant some flowers today. So far all I've been able to plant is spinach because that's a cold-weather plant. But it's starting to warm up in my area, so I'm putting in some sweet peas today. Yay! In a couple weeks I should be able to plant my full garden. Both pretty (flowers) and cost-effective (veggies).

RE: gardening - lonely2beeme - 05-05-2007

i love gardens too growing zucchinni to eat and cucumbers ,i wish we had american cucumber seeds here all we have are japanese lil thin cucumbers
i love american big fat cucumbers,i bought 2 gardenia plants today the room smelles so nice

RE: gardening - gitad - 05-05-2007

I love gardening as well.
to see things change and grow and give without wanting too much is very fulfilling. It is mid autumn now and I just planted a couple of cauliflowers and brocoli and pansies. My spring bulbs are in, but i don't know if i will see them flower this year as i am planning on going on holidays over the four weeks that they are supposedly going to flower.

Gardening is good for the soul.

RE: gardening - Jeremi - 05-06-2007

We got some Rasberry bushes in our garden. Good stuff, good stuff ^___^

I've never really done any gardening sine that's my mothers department, but I love flowers and plants. I think they're beautiful. I can imagine it would be a lot of fun to be able to grow them by yourself. Perhaps I should give it a shot this summer. Anyone have any recommendations? ^^

RE: gardening - Elaeagnus - 05-06-2007

Jeremi- The best or easiest plants will depend on what type of climate you live in. But I think they make varieties of some of the more common flowers and vegetables for many temp/moisture combinations.

If you can grow sweet peas in your area, try those. They are my all-time favorite flower. I also like lilies-of-the-valley and snapdragons. Rose bushes are also nice, but they can be hard to grow. Mine are very finicky.

RE: gardening - Elaeagnus - 05-20-2007

It's been exactly two weeks, and my sweet peas have popped up. They're just tiny little green shoots poking out of the soil, but I'm quite excited. They're my favorite flowers.

RE: gardening - lonelygirl - 05-20-2007

Hi Elae,

I've never gardened in my life. Recently, at age 31, I've felt a growing desire to plant something in the good earth and watch it rise up. I feel like I need to dig my hands in the black earth, smell the smells, see the sparkles in the ground (vermiculite?) and watch a tender seedling grow stronger in the sweet sunshine.

I've been reading a GREAT book called "Never Eat Your Heart Out" by Judith Moore. She's a WONDERFUL writer and has some great passages about gardening in that book. I recommend it, maybe your library has a copy!

Wendi, you seem like such a really cool woman. And beautiful, too. We are blessed to have you ladies in this forum!

RE: gardening - Elaeagnus - 05-25-2007

The maintenance people for the org. I rent my house from graciously rototill gardens for any of their tenants who wants one.  For those of you who don't know, this is extremely helpful.  Turning over an entire garden by hand (or by shovel) is hard work.  

I have planted a few things (see my previous posts) in the beds along the edge of my house, but I'd been waiting to plant my full garden until it warmed up, and until it could be rototilled.  Well, I came home from work today to discover that it's been rototilled quite beautifully.  I walked around on it, and my feet sank into the soil.  If the weather is nice this weekend, I will plant my peas, beans, zucchini, and onions.  I can't wait!

RE: gardening - tony30 - 06-12-2007

Enjoy keeping the garden up to scratch - trying to create a scheme that ensures there will be colour all year round. Spotted out a dozen or so Erica (winter heathers) last year and they flowered beautifully.

The rest is low maintenance stuff, geranium, daffodils and irises. To add a bit of variety I have also planted a few clumps of cedim they've only been in the soil for a month or so but they have already flourished in quite spectacular fashion!