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  1. Badjedidude


  2. Badjedidude


    So here's the deal: I promised a friend that I would help her out with her schoolwork by asking you guys to fill out a survey/questionairre thing for her. It's a history quiz -- multiple choice. It won't take you too long, so if you're bored or you have a couple of extra minutes, go ahead and...
  3. Badjedidude

    The Hookers in my Brothel are Ugly. Are Yours?

    I have this little problem. My product isn't physically attractive and it's not pulling in any scratch. If I want to retire comfortably with a huge golden clock around my neck, then I need to start making some REAL green! How do I get less ugly hookers to come work for Papa Steve? Does anyone...
  4. Badjedidude


    That's right! See how special my little title banner is? That shows you that this is going to be something AMAZZZZIIINNNNGGGGGG. So heads up and open your goddamn ears. I am now announcing... BJD's DAILY WISDOM THREAD!!! Yaayyyyy!!! Here's how it works: Every day, I will post a new wise...
  5. Badjedidude


  6. Badjedidude


    OK, so maybe this doesn't exactly qualify as a "success story"... but I'm calling it a positive experience. I'm a scifi nerd and I love all things having to do with space, so when I came across this clip from a documentary, I was sorta touched by it. Just sit back and spend the next ten minutes...
  7. Badjedidude

    POEM ABOUT....?

    Here's a rare opportunity for my fellow ALL members to see an example of my shitty poetry. It's short & simple. Pardon the tone of it, for I was in a particularly pensive mood when I wrote it. 100 respek points for the first person to correctly guess what it's about. Shouldn't be that difficult...
  8. Badjedidude


    Actually, I couldn't decide where to put this thread. Should it go in "Express Yourself." as it is evidence of my artful magicks? Or should it go in the Tech area, as it pertains to computers!? No, it shall reside in SUCCESS AND POSITIVITY!!! BECAUSE IT IS A SUCCESS THAT I AM POSITIVE ABOUT...
  9. Badjedidude

    Porn Names!

    Alright, so the game is simple. Come up with weird, catchy, kinky, or simply awesome porno names for: a) movies b) actors/actresses That's all there is to it. Feel free to list as many as you like, and be sure to come back and add more if you think them up! I'll start off with mine: (actor)...
  10. Badjedidude


    I went on a little fishing trip with my band members.... and here are the (most stunning) results: ^^^This one is me and my nice large cattie. Quite a little monster, a nice battle to bring 'im in. My arm looks kinda weird here but it's probably how I'm holding the fish, along with the weight...
  11. Badjedidude


    Tomorrow, May 7th, 2010, is my LAST DAY OF ACTUAL CLASS in college!! :D:D Next semester I only have a bit of more supervised teaching and licensure procedures to go through...and I will have my degree!! :D The culmination of almost 5 years of work!! It feels goooooooood. :D
  12. Badjedidude

    Yay for Steve!!! o_O

    This probably means little-to-nothing for any of you on here...but I might be able to get out of my house and on my own by the time summer rolls around! :D It depends on which school I get placed in, but I'm looking into getting out on my own, so...*shrug* I don't have enough money to do that...
  13. Badjedidude

    Python Success!

    Well, I'm a bit of a computer geek and at some point in the past I managed to learn the programming language known as QBasic....and this was back in the day when QBasic was decently relevant and useable in the scope of modern computing. It still has its uses, sure....but I don't see anyone...
  14. Badjedidude


    THIS happens to be the advent of a new era....the creation of a glorious future of sound and dicovery, a bright, glimmering hope that unfolds across the Earth in a wave of... ...ok, ok. On with it. Recently Anonymouse and I have begun to sort of play some online jam sessions (using a...
  15. Badjedidude

    In Bed Game

    IN BED GAME Ok, so this is my first game...but I think that it may have some promise. Here's how it works: 1. Add the phrase, "In Bed" to the activity named by the poster above you. Then type the edited sentence. 2. Next, type an activity that you like to do, in this format: "I Like to ______"...
  16. Badjedidude


    Well, I made a couple of comics that I feel are fairly humorous and represent the sort of spirit and content sometimes exhibited on this site. I've posted them elsewhere on here, but for the sake of streamlining things and expanding the idea, I'm starting this new thread for COMICS! Whether...
  17. Badjedidude

    Songs of Shame!

    So after some deep soul-searching, I decided to confess. Perhaps you should as well, so here it is: Everyone has at least one dorky, embarrassing, shameful song somewhere in their media player/mp3's playlist...a song that just doesn't belong...a song that you would hate for your friends to...
  18. Badjedidude


    Alright, so here's the deal: What is the most poignant, touching, amazing movie scene you've ever come across? Is it filled with exotic passion? Blow-your-pants-off action? Stunning and subtle dialogue and wordplay? Tell us which movie and which scene, and why you think it's so amazing. I'll...
  19. Badjedidude

    A Lonely Life BOOK?

    Okay, I was reading the thread in here about promoting A Lonely Life.com....and I was thinking about some things that could help promote the site and bring about the release and spread of some of the stories and information on here...and what better way than in a... BOOK!! That's right, folks...
  20. Badjedidude

    Technological Marvels of the Modern Era

    Perhaps this doesn't count, but it's positive for me! I'm on this site with my new iPod touch that I got for Christmas! Ok enough braggin'. I just think it's cool and it made my day about 76% better. ----Steve