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  1. Wrong

    Night Terrors

    Anyone else here suffer those as an adult? Oh its been such a joy for me getting those aged 13. In the end I was up to 5 attacks a night while also sleep walking, or should I say sleep running. Shrinks think its PTSD although i'll be messed if I know why or how or what the hell happened to me...
  2. Wrong

    Always losing.

    Its like no matter what I do, I always get the short end of the stick. Which is why I quit trying. Its been that way all my life, i'm just not a winner. I'm a loser. It isn't even an exaggeration, its just how it is. And its funny when people say its a "self fulfilling prophecy" when theres no...
  3. Wrong


    First off, I want you guys to know I am not trying to bait for sympathy or people trying to be like "stop no don't do it" etc and just please don't call the authorities. Every time I get depressed I think about suicide, like, a lot. Its not even a cohesive thought really, just more of these...
  4. Wrong


    This is a hard thread for me to start, but my mother. She's been telling me all my life what a failure I am, because she resents me not having been born as a daughter. For you see my parents first child was born dead, and she was a girl. Then they had my two brothers, then years later after my...
  5. Wrong

    Feeling no matter what I do, its always wrong.

    Even at work places I've always felt that I am somehow a fraud and that they made a mistake hiring me. That someone else would do a much better job than me. My self esteem is as low as it can be, I pretty much feel like a piece of shit all the time and everything I do is wrong. That I make...
  6. Wrong

    It doesn't matter what I say or do

    Its always misunderstood. Always. My family hates me, people don't understand me, its been hell ever since the day I been born. I called myself wrong since I can relate to that song by Depeche Mode so much. I don't know if I can post it here but this is the song:
  7. Wrong

    Wishing there was just a group of people that where like me

    Even my own family are so different and they don't wanna see me or talk to me. I just wish there where people like me out there, so that i could be myself and just be happy, just joke around and be warm and kind to eachother without getting the inevitable knife in the back. I have literally...
  8. Wrong


    Hello everyone, I find it very hard to post a first post here, or to even post here at all. It is even hard for me to accept that I am, in fact, alone. I'm 47 years old and I have nothing to show for it. People for, whatever reason, seem to end up hating me in the end. From my ex-wife, to my...