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  1. kanekistrange

    pokemon unite

    ive played quite alot of this game these past few weeks.. unlike most mobas its not as competative and has a unique game mechanics.. has anyone tried playing this game?
  2. kanekistrange

    league of legends

    any one plays this game? im on the process of learning this game.. theres so much to learn and its extremely competitive..
  3. kanekistrange

    marvel superwar

    any one plays this game? i havent been able to run in on my phone for a couple of weeks now..
  4. kanekistrange


    ive joined this site quite a while ago, but i suppose i never really posted on here soo.. hello to anyone reading this, im kaneki(obviously its just a pseudonym online). i also go by killua. im into metal, rock ,anime ops and eds..the ones i currently love repeating on listening are let me hear...
  5. kanekistrange

    Allons y

    Hiya. .im new here. .i searched this forum off google. .i thought id find people who are introverts and anti social like me. . Uhh. .if you have questions or you wanna chat you can always hit me up. . Hope you guys have a great day. .