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  1. Cherubino

    The ALL Music Fair

  2. Cherubino

    The ALL Music Fair

    ...of sweetness and pleasure...
  3. Cherubino

    would you or wouldn't you

    With my age and health really any sex is good sex so the spiritual level makes the difference (but the feeling must be mutual, no charity sex accepted) what things would you entirely sacrifice your sex life for
  4. Cherubino

    Would you rather..

    hornet WYR be in the military or the police
  5. Cherubino

    Do you like...

    I never had it do you like The Simpsons
  6. Cherubino

    would you or wouldn't you

    I don't know what that is but hospitals freaks me out would you pay for sex if the service is excellent
  7. Cherubino

    What are you listening to?

  8. Cherubino

    what do you not

    rejection from women ... jk, I don't even try
  9. Cherubino

    how are you feeling today?

    11:23 AM ... weather ugly ... mood ok ... over
  10. Cherubino

    would you or wouldn't you

    no can't help with staring would you share a big lottery prize with someone who had borrowed you to buy the ticket
  11. Cherubino

    The ALL Music Fair

  12. Cherubino

    what would you?

    the male counterpart of the breast implant just to feel like this
  13. Cherubino

    would you or wouldn't you

    sure would you eat your enemy to survive
  14. Cherubino

    Have you ever...

    yes damn it HYE swum naked
  15. Cherubino

    Would you rather..

    watch TV WYR marry someone Einstein-class, Rockefeller-class or Elvis-class
  16. Cherubino

    are you talking to me

    You've made 200 posts and been awarded the "Seriously likeable!" trophy ... now sleep well it's almost 1 AM
  17. Cherubino

    dream a little dream

    health and love (a lot of)
  18. Cherubino

    which one do you prefer

    thanks but I meant about the ways of talking to people
  19. Cherubino

    would you?

    in professional life I would like either the life of a university professor or of a rich software programmer accordingly in love life I would like to have either only one life long relationship or to be a total player all my life
  20. Cherubino

    who would you want to meet?

    anyone if it's just a meeting