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  1. Estreen


    ...I make the best baked chicken that I have ever tasted. ;) That is all.
  2. Estreen

    Streeny Poo needs YOU... PM her your e-mail or messenger if I don't have it already, for those of you whom I talk to on here (or even those whom I don't, I suppose >.> ) Very shortly I'll be taking a sort've leave of absence, if you will. I don't know for how long, but at the moment I've got finals looming at me...
  3. Estreen

    Is the Cookie Monster really the Veggie Monster?

    Or did he change back? Anyone know? I'm really worried; I was so sad to hear he gave up cookies. :(
  4. Estreen

    Common Sense

    In a forum where there are a good number of people who have a hard time expressing themselves, or have emotional/social it safe to assume that everyone here will have what most of us would consider "common sense"? I mean, in a place where there are no facial expressions and no tone...
  5. Estreen

    PDD or other Social Disorders

    Just wondering if anyone else here has been diagnosed with PDD (info here), or if not, after reading about it, do you think you might have it, or be borderline? Now, I don't believe in every diagnosis that has ever been thrown at me by my past doctors, but being diagnosed with Pervasive...
  6. Estreen

    A Pat On The Back for Eve

    I'd like to take the time to thank Eve for being a kick ass mod. She does a lot for this place and takes a lot of guff in the process (especially lately, it seems). So for you Eve, I'd like to present you wiff a hug: THANK YOU EVE FOR BEING AWESOME! It doesn't go unnoticed, so keep it up...
  7. Estreen

    Spiraling, Spiraling

    I can't take this anymore. I want so much more out of life. I want fucking people; friends! I have them (a few) but I'm barely able to see them and I just feel like I'm drifting farther, and farther apart. My best guy friend from my teen years doesn't even respond to me 90% of the time, and...
  8. Estreen

    Don't Call Me Fat! =O

    Lulz. :3
  9. Estreen

    Sexually Starved

    That's how I feel half/most of the time a lot lately. Blah. I don't care so much about actual sex. Just want to be wanted and chased after and just...feel satisfied I guess. I feel a little less of woman after each day passes it seems like. Cos...I HAVE a bf, even if it is long distance....he...
  10. Estreen

    Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Doubts, and Other Shit

    Is all what I'm experiencing at the moment. Thankfully not so much of the anxiety 'cos I've had just about as much as I can of that from the past few days/past week. I'm e-mailing my school advisor to set up a meeting to help me find a psychiatrist/psychologist 'cos I just can't go on like this...
  11. Estreen


    Alone, alone, alone, alone...... Been fighting this all day....
  12. Estreen

    Matrix Runs on Windows XP

  13. Estreen

    Quienes aqui quieren practicar espanol?

    Would anyone here like to practice speaking (typing) Spanish to each other, either in this thread or via PMs/e-mail? Doesn't have to be anything big or hard, but I kinda want to continue using the Spanish I know so that I don't forget it. If anyone's interested, let me know.
  14. Estreen

    I feel kinda loser-y

    Blah, I've always had a less than adequate self esteem but lately....I dunno. It seems like almost nothing can completely satisfy me, that or I end up finding something wrong with things. I feel like I'm not good enough, adventurous enough, or I want things that I shouldn't expect or something...
  15. Estreen

    Any SL'ers Out There?

    Sophia and I have met up on SL (Second Life) and we were thinking that it'd be a great idea if others wanted to meet up in SL either in addition to, or instead of chat all the time. It's a little closer to RL than the chat anyway, lol. For anyone that may not know what SL is, click here...
  16. Estreen

    So I Hit A Person Tonight...

    One of my roomies had/has a party going on. My other roomie and I were hanging out with each other pretty much with a little party of our own, first down here in my room, then we headed up to her room so I could help her pack as she's moving tomorrow. Well, this one guy who no one really seems...
  17. Estreen

    Why in the hell was Kevin banned on Xat Chat?

    I've spoken to multiple people who witnessed it on Xat, and Kevin was banned without ANY reason given to him. Now, the person who banned him, I happen to like as well, so this isn't some attempt on a personal attack, but a lot of people (Kevin included) would like to know why he was banned...
  18. Estreen

    Help I'm Alive

    My heart keeps beating like a hammer.
  19. Estreen

    Befriending Your Roommates

    <begin_rant> Befriending your roommates can either turn out positive or negative. I am fortunate to have really clicked with one of them. The other one? Well....not so much. I'm about at wit's end in dealing with her and helping her out. I pride myself on being a neutral, laid-back...
  20. Estreen


    I get this feeling that Im over my head, I guess I'm over my head again, And I keep thinking that I'll get through this mess, And I'll find happiness and then, I'll have everything I wanted, But what if all I wanted, Doesn't turn out being what I, I want it to be, Alone alone, I'm better off...