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    If you could have an endless supply of something, what would it be?

    Well, you can always start. Many times a person only needs a few weeks to a month of food and water to get through a crisis. I am a prepper and have survival skills and tools. But, over the years I've realized if something BIG happens most everybody is screwed except the elite. I'll stay alive...
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    OK, I'll Bite. What's a man to do?

    People change for a variety of reasons. Marriage is for better or for worse. But, neither person should suffer in a marriage, which it sounds like you are. All I can think to do is try your ABSOLUTELY best to breath life back into her somehow or leave the marriage and possible stay friends with...
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    If you could have an endless supply of something, what would it be?

    Internet data. I'm tired of trying to ration it out every month.
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    I am an oddball, but what's this thing about 'cheating?'

    That's a tough situation. I've always been a very sexual person in relationships. I couldn't go very long without sex. For me it's a very important part. It brings people together. I don't know how I would handle a relationship where the other person no longer wanted to have sex with me. I...
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    Keep one, Junk one

    Melon Head - Ha! ha!
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    Have you ever...

    Many times HYE looked eye to eye with a poisoness snake?
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    fried green tomatoes

    grab a how to book, a bible, some garlic, fire extinguishers, and as many bottles of water they could carry. Sunflower feverishly starting reading the book and suggested that they
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    What would you tell them before they died?

    I had the opportunity to tell my dad and his parents anything I needed or wanted to as I was with them each as they were passing away. But, I was with them so much during their lives that everything was already said many times over. So, I just told them not to fight it and think about all the...
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    would you or wouldn't you

    I'm a man and only attracted to women. However, I would be open to a post op transgender. But, then that's basically a woman. Would you date a mentally challenged person?
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    Happy Birthday Sunflowergirl1306

    Happ Birthday!
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    Personal Battles

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    fried green tomatoes

    trip to my place. Finished and Sunflower grabbed each other and
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    bucket list

    Figure out what will make me happy on a regular basis and do it.
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    Online forums end up making me feel worse

    Hmmm. Online forums make me feel hungry.
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    What made you smile today?

    A few posts on this forum
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    Famous Person Game

    Arin Hanson Sky
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    When was the last time..

    Ha! ha! Never. When was the last time you yelled at someone?
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    Last Letter Game

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    Pamela Anderson

    Friends With Pamela Anderson
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    Pamela Anderson

    Farewell Pamela Anderson