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    what do you

    Sit in the recliner. Turn down the air. Pull up a blanket. And turn on youtube. Then find some kind of ambient music and zone out. Actually another thing that works for me is a live video of a train station in Tokyo. I found that train sound soothing. During covid's peak, to relax I would...
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    going on a road trip

    I love road trips. I try to bring healthy snacks like carrots and fruits. But I always end up with some kind of hostess snack cakes from the gas station.
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    Anyone into jazz, classical music, flamenco, or something similar?

    Yeah I like jazz, bossa nova, classical. I like to go down youtube rabbit holes and then it starts suggesting things. I found I also like other things like chillwave, ambient, and space music.
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    Anyone play guitar?

    I took some classes, and I am very bad. I do want to attempt classical someday.
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    Reaching out. Looking ahead.

    Similar age. Sort of similar story here. A couple of life events set me back a lot. And I found it near impossible to start over and meet new people the old way I used to do things. I am still friends with my ex even though that separation caused me a lot of problems. But she is one of the...
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    What are you listening to?

    Good movie
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    I am new and looking for folks to talk to

    I have a similar experience. 2 decades ago I moved a few hours away from home for a job. And over time I lost contact with a lot of people that I thought I had strong connections with. My family didn't keep up with me with the exception of mom. I had to do the visiting if it was to occur...
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    What are you listening to?

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    Cat Person or Dog Person?

    Prefer cats. And I like well disciplined dogs. I would like a German shepherd.
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    What are you listening to?

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    What Animal Do You Wish You Could Have as a Pet?

    Bobcat. Let him/her out when neighbors want to walk their dogs in my yard. I am a cat person by the way.
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    Check up

    I am friends with one ex. She has pulled me out of some jams, and she has helped me through some health issues. No romantic feelings. We grew apart. I don't hope for another chance. I do hope she finds happiness again. And truth be told I used to live a really isolated life after we split...
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    What are you reading.

    I read a lot of factual text from short articles. As a kid I would flip through the almanac and encyclopedia for fun. Unfortunately my memory isn't so great, so it doesn't always stick. As expected, the internet is my downfall. I go down so many rabbit holes. I used to be into HP Lovecraft...
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    Has Covid made being lonely, easier?

    For me it was mixed. At first, I thought isolation would not be so bad, because at the time I was already living a fairly isolated life. And I was delighted to be forced into remote work. I would not have to see my boss or the loud co-worker in person. That was a fantastic bonus. I grew to...
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    Goals for 2022

    Fix unsettled life. Find new job. Pursue hobbies. Reunite with old friends. I feel like Baron Munchausen searching for his old magical friends to go on one more quest. Live life. Pursue happiness. I haven't done that in a very, very long time.
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    Predictions for 2022

    I like mild cheese. Smoked Gouda is one of my favs. Y'all can have the smelly ones.
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    Rate your Happiness 1-10

    Right now 6. My cat is on my lap. Tonight is board games to ring in the new year with a lady friend. Possible 8+.
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    what was the last movie you saw?

    The fourth Matrix movie. Spent a lot of money ($5 for bottle water!!), and it was pretty bad. On the flip side I was hanging with a childhood friend that I don't see very often, so that was nice. Back to Youtube and the Roku channel for me.
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    Curious cat

    I eat brown rice. But I don't eat rice very often. Brown rice is less refined, so it's supposed to be better for your blood sugar.
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    What is your weather like right now?

    62F in this part of Tx. Up and down here. Cold a few days and warm a few. Well... cold to me is the 40s.