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  1. AnonymousMe

    A message for members who are new and/or don’t have any online friends…

    Hey everyone. So, there’s something that’s been bugging me about this site and I just feel like this is something I need to say. I’ve seen, and I’m still seeing, lots of threads about users looking for friends to chat with. I don’t know how you all did in your request, if you all found...
  2. AnonymousMe

    Can y'all or someone rate my writing, please?

    I was searching to see where was the best place to post this, but couldn't find anything, so I'll just put it here. FYI, reddit is not an option for me, either my questions always get downvoted or nobody responds, for the most part. A little bit if backstory first, a friend of mine from this...
  3. AnonymousMe

    A mini presentation about metal genres. =)

    Hey everybody.  About a month ago, I showed a good online buddy of mine this video about 15 different styles of metal music: It didn't occur to me that he would comment saying they all sound the same to him, so I took the time (Boy, did it took a long time) to make him a PowerPoint...
  4. AnonymousMe

    What should I do with my video gaming habits? [Bit of a long post]

    Hey everyone, I am truly having a miscellaneous issue here, it’s actually making me question my own being.  I have no clear response to my problem, so I need to ask you all.  =|   Here’s what’s happening, for those who don’t know, Sony is closing the down the PlayStation 3 and Portable digital...
  5. AnonymousMe

    Can y'all recommend me some things to watch?

    I have to explain something first, there is a gamer channel of YouTube called “Let’s Play,” I’ve been watching it since 2011/2012, it’s been my only entertainment since I discovered it and even though the content’s quality has been declining through the years, while adding half-likable members...
  6. AnonymousMe

    Which type of relationship is most special, a straight one or a gay one?

    It’s just something that I wondered yesterday.  I consider myself Heteroflexible (which is like being 90% straight and 10% gay) and I’ve never had a girlfriend/boyfriend, so I consider them both special, but looking at the big picture, which one is more unique? Gay ones are strange, because...
  7. AnonymousMe

    Does anyone have autism here?

    I've been tasked by my psychologist to talk with girls that have autism and I'm just wondering if there's any here to chat with me.
  8. AnonymousMe

    Can I get some help in my story?

    Hello everyone, I feel really embarrassed and stupid for asking this question, but I don't know where else to ask it, so I don't have any other options. I'm gonna go straight to the point, so I don't waste any of your time for those who might be uninterested. Nearly two months ago, I said on a...
  9. AnonymousMe

    Does opinion on fiction reflect real life opinion?

    I got into an argument about this and I just want to know what you all think.
  10. AnonymousMe


    So… I was having this conversation with my mom about the kind of lifestyle I could live with, and also because I think it’s the most appropriate for me, since I don’t think I’ll get very far in life.   I’m a 29-year-old male and despite still trying to improve my life to, at least, a mediocre...
  11. AnonymousMe

    What are relationships?

    Never mind.  =)
  12. AnonymousMe

    Is there anyone here who weightlifts?

    I have an unknown amount of questions I want to ask about my exercise routine, before posting them on reddit. I would really appreciate it if my doubts are answered by an instructor or someone that knows how weightlifting works.
  13. AnonymousMe

    Who has and hasn't given up on love?

    Just curious.
  14. AnonymousMe

    Is there anyone here...?

    Wow, it's been a while since I was here (it's been almost a year). Anyway, for those who don't know me or don't remember me, I'm this guy: That list is severely outdated, so don't pay attention to it. Not that it matters, but I've been doing...
  15. AnonymousMe

    Do any of you know some shop simulation games?

    I've just gotten an interest in them and I'm searching for some, especially if they're on consoles.  So far, I have: 1 - Fantasy Weapon Shop (PC) 2 - My Little Blacksmith Shop (PC) 3 - Shoppe Keep (PC, PS4, XBOX One) and Shoppe Keep 2 (PC) [Not released yet] 4 - Moonlighter (PS4; XBOX One...
  16. AnonymousMe

    What should I do about my porn habits?

    Hey everyone, I have a bit of an issue here, mainly because it’s a dilemma.  Yeah, despite me asking for your opinions, this is not an easy decision for me to make.   I’ll be honest with you all… I LOVE porn, it is the thing I mostly dedicate my time to (aside from playing video games)...
  17. AnonymousMe

    Want some feedback for my Minecraft buildings.

    Hey everyone, as it says in the title, I'm making an RPG-like town in Minecraft and I want some feedback on what I can change, improve or erase. Take your time in watching the images and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  =) Flower Shop...
  18. AnonymousMe

    Can I get some tips to self-improve?

    This thread is an update for these two: So, after a thorough, self-analyzing session, I've sorted out ALL of my problems that , I think, are making me unhappy. I actually did this a long...
  19. AnonymousMe

    How should someone (normal) be in their 30s?

    Hey everyone, I'll get straight to the point. I want to change or, at least, improve my life, but given how little I know about life, I want to hear some suggestions. Accomplishments, experiences, developments, important or miniscule, ideal or meaningless, it doesn't matter, go crazy on your...
  20. AnonymousMe

    Would you reject someone who likes you? Why?

    Hey everyone, I got curious about something and I just want to know what you all think.   I know I’ve said this before, but I have a feeling that if I don’t state it again, no one will understand me.  When I dropped out of College, I gave up on dating altogether; I don’t bother in seeking mates...