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  1. beingnobody

    mission aborted

    Yesterday, while in the doctor's waiting room, I began to experience a panic attack, hyperventilating, trembling, confusion. Almost sobbing. So I left the office, without notifying staff, before my name was called, and contacted my psychiatrist. Exhausted trom not having slept, and being in...
  2. beingnobody

    make it stop

    I rarely get headaches, but tonight my brain is splitting. And I have an appointment in 5 hours for my monthly eyeball injection. No sleep Intense family drama unfolding. My support network crumbling. Lost.
  3. beingnobody

    I'm so tired...

    I want this to be over so badly. I wish i had the strength and courage needed.
  4. beingnobody

    Who am I?

    Do you talk to yourself? If so, what do you talk to yourself about? Conversation? Introspection? Questions and self doubts? I am very thoroughly confusing myself.
  5. beingnobody the still of the night..

    "Darkness is falling, time slippin' away," midnight commin' to sweep this year away. It's been a long, long time since I shared New Year in the company or presence of another human being. Familiar loneliness.greeting harsh. Forbidding.. My choice, solitude, this way. No weeping.. This time...
  6. beingnobody

    Good gravy, enough is enough..

    Does nobody have common sense anymore? Stop believing all this anti-vaccine idiocy. Nobody promised or said this vaccine was 100% effective or safe. Every medication you have taken in your life, every medicine you have in your house now. Every shot you have ever been given, without fail, has...
  7. beingnobody

    Day gone down

    I started today at 8am watching Season 5 of Doc Martin (for the 10th time), switched over to Magnolia on Hulu, which got me to thinking there must be a movie list and reading list specifically directed toward the incel community, which prompted my earlier post "Chad, Stacey and jaqing," Now I...
  8. beingnobody

    Chad, Stacey and jelqing?

    Say it ain't so.
  9. beingnobody

    Do you believe the study of body language is legitimate science?

    Body language, and study of consciousness is very interesting to me. I do believe there is legitimacy to body language interpretation, but it seems a lot of people are in denial, or resistant to the idea that someone could understand, and possibly even predict someone's behaviors and actions...
  10. beingnobody

    Old wrinkled virgin: the many things I've never...

    I am an accomplished fuddydud. Someone just called me "Boomhauer" and I immediately thought of all the many trendy and popular things I've never:. I had to search the term.. Never seen a single episode of King of the Hill, Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Stranger...
  11. beingnobody

    2nd entry: pajama pants/loungewear.

    Do you wear pajamas/lounge pants, out of the house, in public? It seems society is trying to shame people for wearing this apparel in public. First off, there is not much more disgusting to me than public shaming and guilt tripping. The word "lazy" imo, is one of the most vulgar, obscene...
  12. beingnobody

    Curious cat

    Who all eats brown rice? How often do you eat any rice? I keep ordering my brown rice for pickup at Walmart but they keep telling me it's "unavailable" but when I walk inside the store the shelf is full. My family only eats white sticky rice, with butter and granulated sugar. (Abomination )...
  13. beingnobody

    Revelation: political satire?

    I am a DS9 (Deep Space Nine) freak, and constantly watch and binge the complete series. DS9 is my favorite of the Star Trek franchise, Odo my favorite character. Anyway I just today noticed how much the Ferengi species resemble and have in common with American Republicans
  14. beingnobody

    Low hanging fruit... IQ measurement?

    Specific to America, where the "average" IQ is supposedly around 99, I think the debate is largely speculative. Do you know anyone who has ever been professionally measured for IQ by any source responsible for documenting and reporting results? Have you ever taken(and completed) a verifiable...
  15. beingnobody

    wasted days, twisted nites

    I am occupying funkville this week. Just no will or desire to participate in the existence enterprise. No interest in generating much of an effort. Eat, sleep, sit,..rinse, gargle repeat. No shower, not even combing hair. Just dont care at present. Cyclical. This too shall pass. Yada...
  16. beingnobody

    That picture..

    The picture of Rep Massey and his family from yesterday, adorned and bedecked in their personal arsenal.. Public displays such as these have nothing to do with 2nd Amendment rights, freedom, liberty, hunting, ammo shortages or any of that extraneous, distracting nonsense. Pictures like these...
  17. beingnobody

    ..mind is a garden...

    Things here would be so much easier if I knew how to post images, memes etc Just saying out loud