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  1. Surcruxum

    Keep one, Junk one

    Sun burn
  2. Surcruxum

    word association game

  3. Surcruxum

    Society is flawed

    I agree that people who aren't willing to change anything is going to be a liability, and the eliminating opposing ideas, or perhaps, people who have that ideas, is certainly one way to change the world. I used to be like you, thinking, for me to achieve the world as I envisioned, people who...
  4. Surcruxum

    Is it possible to enjoy loneliness?

    I have never thought of the existence of differences between solitude and loneliness. I always thought that my choice of being alone means I embraced loneliness itself. I guess that solitude is looking at a different perspective, perhaps a more positive one. That means I enjoy solitude for 1 and...
  5. Surcruxum

    I feel like I have been sent to a lonely planet..

    I like to be with boring people sometimes. I want to be friends with someone who's like this: We may not talk much, we may be quiet, but we are boring together and we enjoy each other's companies. It's being alone but with another person, being lonely together. Like sitting next to each other...
  6. Surcruxum


    My situation is the same as yours. I open up to my brother because he couldn't care less about my problems ^_^ The reason you can't open up to your partner is because you are afraid you're going to lose him, right? It's hard to find someone who still loves you for you are after they know...
  7. Surcruxum

    Guess I am Too Nice

    Agree. It's ok to be nice, but you need to put yourself ahead of people. I was also too nice. I was a punching bag and people often step on me. They took advantage of my kindness. I couldn't say no to what people ask me to do, and people make fun of me knowing I couldn't fight back. Now I...
  8. Surcruxum

    Have you ever...

    Probably. Few times at night time, paintings started to move, and I saw human like figures or shadows staring at me ●_● Have you ever been lost in a mall as a kid?
  9. Surcruxum

    lonliness turning into anger

    I'm different. I can handle rejections well. When the other person says yes, that is what scares me. I don't know what to do then.
  10. Surcruxum

    What made you smile today?

    A 9gag post :)
  11. Surcruxum

    THIS or THAT

    Definitely bath :) French fries or mashed potatoes?
  12. Surcruxum

    word association game

  13. Surcruxum

    Game -Guess something about the next person

    I'm kinda scared of dogs :( The next person is feeling depressed.
  14. Surcruxum

    lonliness turning into anger

    I know how you feel too. But my situation is different. It's true I don't trust people easily, I don't want to be friends with anybody, I couldn't give a damn about other people, but all of them are caused by my disappointment towards others. I'm lonely because i choose to. One way for me to...
  15. Surcruxum

    Keep one, Junk one

    Break down
  16. Surcruxum

    Making new friends that won't ditch you

    One reason that my friends ditch me for someone else is because that person is more fun to hang out with than me. For me, feeling unwanted is far worse than loneliness. Now I like being alone, but I still feel depressed or angry about being unwanted.
  17. Surcruxum

    Type Some Lyrics from the Song You're Listening To Now

    It doesn't have lyrics lol. I like instrumental music :)
  18. Surcruxum

    Any hope to find my "type" is practically nonexistent...

    Well, having preferences are normal, but I think that having high standards doesn't help ( I don't mean you). Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. I suggest that from your type, separate the ones that you can and can't tolerate. For ex: I can tolerate not having a nerdy girlfriend...
  19. Surcruxum

    Anyone here use alcohol to forget about loneliness?

    Well I never drink beer so... I don't know. Living alone with no friends for more than a year hasn't made me insane yet...