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  1. cyan


    I've noticed more recently that my depression has been manifesting greatly into anger because I just can't seem to find the right outlet and I'm lost on where to begin to fix things about my life. I find myself not being able to shake being in that low point gradually throughout the day and...
  2. cyan

    Cutting Your Losses

    Okay so I am super curious to hear some opinions on this. If your current or potential partner tells you (or has told you) that you should just cut your losses with them how would that make you feel and why? What might you say in response? How would this affect your relationship with that person?
  3. cyan

    Last TV show you watched

    Well I saw a thread about last movies but not about last tv shows so here we go.  Last tv show I watched is Longmire
  4. cyan


    new here! whats good?? a little bit about me is i'm a 22 yr old graphic designer who lives with her boyfriend and pup, just trying to make the most of each day. a big part of my progress with improving my mental health is reminding myself of things that i had enjoyed doing and one of those...