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    Help Reaching An Old Friend

    I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide me in finding an old friend. I think many of you on ALL know this person. I am looking for dead. I have not seen dead on the forums in quite a long time, and I too have not been on in a long time myself If anyone knows how to get in contact...
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    Life Is Too Short?

    I have always tried to figure out why it is that so many people say that life is too short. To me, that is only something that happy people say. I openly admit that my point of view is biased by the darkness within me. Having said that, it actually seems to me like life is too long. For...
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    We have not talked in a very long time but I have missed you... I hope the subject will let you know who I am referring to. I hope you have been well... I should have asked long ago :(
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    Violet Skies

    How does one remain hopeful when all attempts to succeed have failed? How does one remain optimistic when everything leads to darkness? How does one let go of the past when the present and future are not better? What is the point of anything when everything is just something to do? What is...
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    1 + 0 = 0

    "Alone you are mighty, together you are legends" - Charles Xavier "Don't cross the streams" - Egon Spengler "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?" - The Joker "A life without love is not worth living" - ??? "Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources...
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    I had to remove most of the cool stuff from my office recently, including my only place to vent (my large writing paper), because a pair of clowns made a big deal out of nothing :S This was another items in a long list of things that have made this year pretty sad, which is unfortunate because...
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    Happy Birthday peaches and cream

    Happy birthday peaches and cream. I hope you have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday spirit

    Happy birthday spirit. I hope you have a wonderful 68th :)
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    Happy Birthday michelangelo

    Happy birthday michelangelo, I hope you enjoy it!
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    Why So Thoughtful?

    Being thoughtful would seem like something good, yet there have been numerous occasions where being thoughtful has backfired on me... I had been hanging out with a girl for about a month. I saw some bears holding letters and thought it would be nice to get the ones that spelled her name...
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    The Genesis Of ALL

    I was interested in knowing about the genesis of A Lonely Life. Does anyone know how this site came into existence?
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    Your Favorite Cheesy Movies From The 80's

    I recently saw The Wizard, a movie from 1989 about a boy who is traumatized by the death of his twin sister and has a hidden talent at playing video games. The movie was pretty cheesy and arguable a 100 minute commercial for Nintendo, but it had a rather interesting cast: Fred Savage from The...
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    If one fails at something 111 times, is there any reason to keep trying?
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    (There's Gotta Be) More To Life

    So I'm always wondering what the purpose of my life is. Not life in general, but my own personal existence. I want to have one of those It's A Wonderful Life experiences where I get to see how things would be if I were never born. I don't really expect much to have changed. My parents would...
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    What do you say to someone that has just realized That life will never get any better When that which is dreamed of Will never be fulfilled When the one who is searched for Will never be found What do you say to someone that is so numb Feeling neither highs nor lows Feeling only nothingness...
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    A Life Without Love Is Not Worth Living

    A life without love is not worth living... the only reason why I exist today is because I would never put my parents through such an ordeal. But at this point, I am two deaths away from eternal slumber. I love my parents dearly, but at the same time I feel imprisoned because I am not free to...