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  1. Eternitydreamer

    Is there any point doing a craft if no one else likes it?

    Let’s just say I enjoyed drawing or painting but I was not good. How did I know I wasn’t? I never got responses to my posts, if I did it was critiques or a single “like” while others got lots of “wow!” “Amazing!” “Speechless“ and hundreds of likes. I could spend hours working hard to get this...
  2. Eternitydreamer

    A family member was assaulted yesterday

    How do you cope with constant stress and trauma. My family have been through hell the past couple years. We were evicted from our place around 2018. It was a blessing in its own right as our place was cold and mouldy. Our neighbours abused us and the woman who lived there had some issue with...
  3. Eternitydreamer

    Want to do things out of the house but I can’t drive

    I’m interested in attending groups but I can’t drive and buses confuse me. They also don’t fit well for timing of events. I also don’t mix with others well and have learning issues. I am just sick of staying home. My mum drives me everywhere. I am interested in doing board games and all sorts of...
  4. Eternitydreamer

    I have no enjoyment

    I thought I’d re-try colouring books again as an interest. I posted my photo and got two likes and others get more and sometimes even dozens of “wows!” “Amazing!” Etc. I decided to continue and see I could never measure up to what these people can do... the recognition they get is jaw dropping...
  5. Eternitydreamer

    Wish I could play my childhood PC games

    Anyone else annoyed by this? I can’t play them as they are from late 90’s to mid 00’s and computer doesn’t support them. I tried downloads on but can’t figure out the programs to get them to work and 99.9% don’t work. I did have success with one or two though. Just gives computer...
  6. Eternitydreamer

    I’m nearly 30, never had a boyfriend, life, job.. nothing.

    I feel like I have blinked and missed life. The kids I went to school with i last saw in 2008, so many are married, most went to university and some have children. All I see in my head is those kids that bullied me or I just went to school with. I see wedding photos, baby pictures.. I feel like...
  7. Eternitydreamer

    29 and can’t see my life ever improving.

    I’m 29 and lived a hell of a life. I’ve gone through so much trauma. I’ve never worked. Never done experience. Can’t drive. I am terrified of the world. I cant stand it anymore.
  8. Eternitydreamer

    So empty and don’t know what to do

    Feel so lost and depressed. Nothing is filling me with any joy. I tried a computer course which I’m doing and am waiting for some sort of Councelling..if it will happen..I’ve seen so many people and every time it turns out bad. I want to just escape the sadness I am feeling. I’m lonely and have...
  9. Eternitydreamer

    Happy birthday wallflower79!

    hope you have an awesome day!
  10. Eternitydreamer

    Scientific name game

    I post a scientific name of a plant or animal etc  You take the second letter of that scientific name for a new scientific plant, animal..etc example: Rosa woodsii next person: Opulaster malvaceus helper! ----- ready...
  11. Eternitydreamer

    Crazy translation game

    Kind of a weird rip off of Chinese Whispers! I will type song lyrics in English...then you post the result in a foreign language. Then someone posts the translation from that in English from that, then someone translates it to another etc Maybe 10 lines is appropriate! Has been done to songs...
  12. Eternitydreamer

    Song title game

    post a song and someone builds off one of the words from it. Like the movie title game! Two or more words is better! Post singer if you want! example :  We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift next poster: We go together- Grease following poster: Let it go- Frozen Ready? We...
  13. Eternitydreamer

    Being left behind in the world

    So some of the people I went to school with are now married and some even have children. Then the rest of them have a relationship or are engaged. I am 24 and not once even went on a date.  These people (married) were privileged people, in the brainiac classes or bullied me. Those engaged...
  14. Eternitydreamer

    Those with hundreds of facebook friends

    i look at people i knew/know and see their friends list and you see like 300, 600 and sometimes as high as 800. One of them was a bit of a strange person, like myself and somehow got themselves added with those who hated and bullied me. They have over 800. Few of them really interact but do...
  15. Eternitydreamer

    Fun career test

    do the full test and post your top ten results May take a while to complete Clergy  commerical Artist potter precious metal worker composer art therapist jeweler personal care aide drug and alcohol councellor multimedia  animator i dont agree on any of those at all...
  16. Eternitydreamer

    Getting rejected twice

    well, there is a lady who goes to my sports group I found her online and messaged her. She ignored the message. I deleted the conversation (they can still read it) so not sure if she even resd it. So today I sent a frie d request and she accepted it but wont talk to me. I feel mighty stupid. She...
  17. Eternitydreamer


    if anyone wants t add me my username is isolatedwoman
  18. Eternitydreamer

    Being an oaf...

    I joined badminton as part of the mental health group I'm in. I haven't played it for more than 10 years.  Well, I can't get the knack of it and they are getting annoyed with me. The staff member hates me and the others are frustrated and I'm cast out of their jokes and chatter with each other...
  19. Eternitydreamer

    Obsession with authority as friends..

    I am a loner. I'd like friends but don't click or get along with anyone. My last friend was 12 years ago. When I say that, I mean it. I haven't had anybody..yes ANYBODY since then. No aqauintances either. I have tried online and have been bullied on forums, tumblr,and online communities and just...
  20. Eternitydreamer

    Sick of being alone for over 10 years

    I honestly am 100% alone, I haven't had a friend since I was 13 and the friend I had was false. She was using me and didn't like me the entire time. She moved on and by her blog posts I have spied on, it confirms she thought nothing of me. I have nobody and spend my life at home alone. People...