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  1. Forgottendanfan

    If you can't have anyone love you until you love yourself....

    Then why are there so many people with depression, drug addictions, severe mental health problems etc. in relationships? Are these relationships null and void? I guess they all must be. There is no other explanation, because most of these people don't appear to love themselves. Maybe they do and...
  2. Forgottendanfan

    Relationships are an elitist secret service.

    They must be.
  3. Forgottendanfan

    I'm 34 and a kissless virgin.

    It's rather unfortunate.
  4. Forgottendanfan

    Why is it sometimes deemed offensive to call women "females"?

    I've never come across the same being said about referring to men as "males". This topic isn't designed to create an argument or put anyone's back up. It's just a genuine question and a possible conversation piece.
  5. Forgottendanfan

    34 year old man, not feeling too optimistic about 2022.

    Let me see....I'm still a virgin who's never had a girlfriend, still unemployed (not from a lack of trying), my one friend in life is now behaving very distantly towards me and I've developed pain in one of my legs that won't seem to go away. All in all, you could say life is going really well...
  6. Forgottendanfan

    I like the snazzy new look of the forum.

    A big improvement, in my humble opinion.
  7. Forgottendanfan

    A hypothetical question to the women here.

    With all else being equal, would you be willing to date, or enter a relationship with a man who is 33, never been out on a date and has had almost no contact with women beyond the level of being a casual acquaintance? Yes, the man in question is myself. I'm looking to start dating and just want...
  8. Forgottendanfan

    Favourite music of A.L.L. members.

    For me it's mainly rock, classical and jazz, but I also like ambient and world music. My favourite artists include David Bowie, Steely Dan (hence my username), Neil Young, The Who, Nirvana, The Doors, R.E.M., Metallica, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Leonard...
  9. Forgottendanfan

    Anyone know what's happened to "Serenia"?

    She hasn't been active in here since early March and I sent her a P.M. a few days ago which has gone unanswered. I hope she is O.K.
  10. Forgottendanfan

    Send the poster above you on holiday (vacation).

    I have nobody above me, so I shall pick a member at random. I send "Kaetic" to Amsterdam.
  11. Forgottendanfan

    Prince Philip....

    I'm tired of hearing about him. He was a racist, bigoted man who held opinions that a regular Joe on the street would be held accountable for. I'm not saying I'm pleased he died or anything along those lines, but people making him out to be some kind of God among men, quite frankly makes me sick.
  12. Forgottendanfan

    Why, even on loneliness forums, are there so few older kissless virgins?

    Is it really such an incredibly rare phenomenon, even amongst the socially anxious?
  13. Forgottendanfan

    "Click here if you don't want wait any longer"????

    Why does this little message come up after you've posted a thread? If it can be done quickly, why isn't it done this quickly by default? Apologies if this is a stupid question. I'm not extremely tech savvy. EDIT: It's not when you post a thread, but after performing certain actions on this...
  14. Forgottendanfan

    A question for those of you in relationships......

    Why did you feel the need to sign up to a loneliness forum? Before anyone attacks me, I realise it's perfectly possible to be in a relationship (even a good one) and still feel lonely. This certainly isn't a "you should be grateful" type of thread.... I'm just curious to know what led you to...
  15. Forgottendanfan

    UK meetup?

    When/if the pandemic restrictions are finally lifted, would any of my fellow UK based forum members be interested in doing some kind of meet up, maybe somewhere like London or Birmingham?
  16. Forgottendanfan

    I've come to really dislike spring.

    Too many couples around, walking together holding hands and enjoying the mild westher, which just makes me depressed. For this reason, I tend to stay indoors throughout the spring and summer days. Anyone relate?
  17. Forgottendanfan

    Are there any 30 something women here who've never been in a relationship?

    If so, why do you think this is and how do you feel about it?
  18. Forgottendanfan

    What is your main worry/concern right now?

    Mine is an employment appointment I have on Thursday. They'll doubtless be pushing me to take some shitty job that I don't want. These people pay my benefit money, so they hold the cards.
  19. Forgottendanfan

    I like full breasted women.

    That's it.
  20. Forgottendanfan

    What were your best subjects at school?

    Thought this might be a fun thing to post. Mine were English, Music and History. The only three subjects I can hand on heart, say I thoroughly enjoyed.