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  1. Nerys55

    Introvert quiz and which are you/ points?

    Just did this introvert quiz. I am group A 17 points. Think in my younger years was maybe few points higher more mix A small bit of B.
  2. Nerys55

    Anyone on Reddit?

    Anyone else there?
  3. Nerys55

    Online game something Oriental Lanterns lost site?

    I used to enjoy playing an online game that was something with Oriental Lanterns. Think was a board game. Not sure. Lost site and do not remember where I played. Was a free game. I tried looking for it. But no luck. Think was maybe 10 years ago or longer. I got online in 2004 found games like 3...
  4. Nerys55

    New member from EU.

    New member female housewife almost 57 years living in one of the EU countries. Moved here at age 21 for study. I am homebound due to a few severe health issues. I went online/internet late in life, I have one long distance very good friend in the US. Some times I am on several hobby and...